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Wearable gadgets sometimes are not wearable since they cause discomfort and the quality is not as you expect. And some features aren’t as good as advertised. Here we’re about to share you some of the best wearable that gives you the best in ear experience about the sound and other features, including heart rate tracking and fitness monitor.

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Five Best Earbuds That Can Track Your Heart Rate

In a post written about smart headsets vs earbuds, I stated that the earbuds today are being innovated and they become cable-free and smarter with some extra features. It’s true that true wireless earbuds has become a culture phenomenal – Airpods, Gear Icons you can spot it everywhere. They …

Huawei’s TalkBand N1- overview-review

Running alone without music is tough experience, if you have a wired earbuds it’s not quiet easy to manage cable while you move. Escape from cable, a set of wireless bluetooth earbuds does that. But earbuds is not simply music, they are now integrated more smart features, including …