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True wireless earbuds are also known as completely, cable-free earphones in ear Bluetooth headphones. They are a pair of separate earbuds that one bud (aka master or primary earpiece) connects with your phones via Bluetooth and synces with the other or pair with your phone simultaneously.

You pick your first pair of TWS by sound, features – noise cancellation, touch control and fit. Check out my posts for:

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True Wireless IEMs (In Ear Monitors)

The true wireless technology is almost perfect. It provides rock solid Bluetooth connection and continuously add more features to earbuds – surround sound effect, ANC, fitness tracking, etc., This tech hasn’t applied on IEMs from established brands like JH Audio, Astell&Kern or AKG yet. However, if you’ve got …

Galaxy Buds Live vs. AirPods Pro

TWS now stands out the crowd by design and advanced features. Apple Airpods Pro and Galaxy Buds Live are kind of unique for their design, but it’s hard to tell which pair is better rather we focus on their application and usability when making a comparison. A note …

Best AirPods Pro Clones in 2020

AirPods Pro cost a hefty price and whether you can afford or not getting a clone/replicate/knockoff pair with a fraction of cost may be interesting. You get the sound quality, features, battery life and the exact Airpods Pro look though the build quality is varied and not guaranteed. …