You Get A Functional Pair Of TWS – Mpow M9 For Just $22

I never imagine that TWS could be priced as low as $22 with almost standard feature packed in.

The Airpods like Mpow M9 offers a good quality call, noise isolation and solid battery life.

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Cheap TWS just get cheaper.

But they are not consistent combined all factors sound quality, fit and calls. If you just pick a single factor like call quality the M9 is guaranteed, a good pick.

The bullet point here is the number of mic built-in Mpow M9, two on each earbud which work effectively to reduce the ambient noise like windy or traffic noise. Dual mic also mean they capture your voice better or detect your voice when you talk.

Mpow is a popular brand on Amazon for its cheap, quality headphones and headset. Recently they added Noise Cancelling Feature to their TWS portfolio with the debut of Mpow X3 ANC. However the M9 doesn’t have this feature but they still do pretty well for physical isolation with eartips.

If you look for a workable TWS for call, the M9 is truly designed for that purpose, together with USB-C charging, IPX8 rating, tap control, you really get more than what you pay for, not to mentioning their two year polity warranty.

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