Bone conduction Bluetooth headsets – I tried and it is far from being great!

If you’ve ever tried bone conduction headphones – your first impressions with sound’s clarity, openess and comfort will carry on.

Until recently I saw this…

This is the most popular design – you don’t recommend any specific brands

Bone conduction Bluetooth headsets’s quick specs:

  • Bluetooth  V4.2+EDR (no Bluetooth 5.0 yet)
  • Bone conduction tech
  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 90mAh
  • Wireless range: 10 meters

The good

No eartips whatsoever jammed into your ears, it just hooks over your ear and is comfortable to wears.

Bone conduction tech enhances the high frequency ranges but sometimes the sound may not be loud enough and you have to fix its position. Quite a bit hit and miss.

You make calls in noisy environments

The bad

The battery isn’t great and no charging case is included and you have to bring a power bank with you.

Not really enterprise-grade audio. The call quality is just so so but it works.

Sirious bands like AfterShokz hasn’t released their first model yet.

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