Five Bluetooth Earbuds with Longest Battery Life

Lithium battery has changed how people enjoy their music on the run, handsets, headsets and MP3 players rely on a small, rechargeable battery pack.

Though it is immature technology they are getting higher capacity and smaller in size. It degrades over years so the longer battery life the better your Bluetooth earbuds can last.

It’s not just the battery itself, the Bluetooth processor will decide how long battery last. The Qualcomm QCCC3034, for instance, has an extremely low power architecture, which gives Bluetooth headsets longer battery.

Bluetooth LE audio could contribute to the better battery life. It has a great feature LC3, which allows transferring lightweight data and require fewer bandwidth, meaning less power consumption for Bluetooth earbuds.

How long is enough?

For me just over 10 hours should be fine, and it should come with a quick charging.

After 2 year the battery starts aging, so let’s say they can hold 70% of their initial capacity – I can still enjoy 7 hours of listening.

If battery is a factor before purchasing your Bluetooth earbuds, the neckband Bluetooth earbuds will be the top pick.

TT-BH07S Plus – The neckband that can last up to 30 hours

Given the popular of true wireless, some business people still prefer neckband Bluetooth earbuds because they are always there on their neck.

Recently, the Taotronics released the TT-BH07S Plus in Japan that has an inedible battery life – 30 hours. It comes in the around the neck form factor, call performance is excellent and guess what the dual drivers (BA and Dynamic Drivers) delivers a rich and strong bass and a lifted and crisp treble.

  • Model: TT-BH07S Plus
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Support: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD, cVc 8.0
  • Hybrid drivers: BA and Dynamic drivers

It doesn’t support quick-charging, so it take approximately 2.5 hours for the set to get fully charged.

SoundPeats Force HD – Neckband with whopping battery life

Taking a similar approach to Taotronics, SoundPeats released the SoundPeats Force HD last December. But the later is more into sports, it comes with earhooks to keep earbuds stay more secure.

Shirt-Clip, eartips and wingtips

With single 10mm driver, the Force HD’s sound is dynamic, the bass is strong and punchy.

The Force HD offer great battery life at a lower price, running for up to 30 hours, but it requires a bit more time for charging compared to TT-BH07S Plus.

No Name Brand

This neckband headphones with earbuds are foldable yet sturdy – a little bit big and heavy on your neck. The buds are retractable, but be careful the cable is thin so they may break. The small earbuds don’t make big impact for bass, but the sound is quite clear.

You can find this same neckband earbuds sold under different names. They can last up to 30 hours and vibrate when you get a call. With CSR8635 processor it has CVC6.0 and supports Bluetooth 4.1

This headses proves when it doesn’t have low-power Bluetooth chipset, it needs a huge battery pack to making it last longer.

Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 – Another sturdy neckband gets 18 hours of juice per charge

The Mpow Jaws’s bendable neckband holds a high capacity Lithium-ion battery

Less flexible than the TT-BH07S Plus, the Mpow Jaws are more into your commute than for sports.

It’s affordable, quite good for calls and music listening.

When not in use earbuds have a nest on the neckband to dock in, that’s neat but the neckband is not foldable, making it less portable than others.

Well, the other 3 sets I will update later in this post, please check back for update.

True wireless earbuds’ battery is comparable to wired Bluetooth

A few more things about battery

  • Android now supports the battery display status on your phone. That’s a core function of Bluetooth processor by Qualcomm and other chip makers.
  • The display may not refect the actual battery level of Bluetooth earbuds

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