Best Wireless Headphones for TV Reviews [2018]

A wireless headphone for TV lets you enjoy your movies or music video at home without disturbing other or being annoyed from cable. The Sennheiser RS 170, which retails for $187, is the best wireless headphones for TV right now on the market-based on 4 days of our intensive research. It brings about exceptional surround sound simulation for any movies, great noise isolation, and superior comfort. In addition, its lightweight and long Bluetooth working range allows you enjoy audio content from your TV everywhere in your house.

Wireless Headphones Used for watching TV

S170 can do a lot more than a wireless headphone. The base unit is a transmitter, but works as a charger as well

In some movie series like Games of Thrones featured on HBO, the low-end in soundtracks does make sense for how dramatic the scene is. A good news for fans of bass is that this low-end can be boosted just by clicking the Bass Boost button located on the base. In case the battery is low, you can put it back the the base station, hang them there and charging begins.
You might want to buy a home theater headphones because of its great noise isolation, and the RS 170 is rated 9/10.
The reason you like a wireless home theater headphone is you want to enjoy your movies privately. I hate hearing the noise leaking from headphones that someone is wearing sitting next to me. Wired headphones also sucks, you have to choose to be very close to the TV, that is not easy if you have a big TV screen. Sennheiser RS 170, a full size wireless headphones, fortified by Kleer technology promising CD sound quality are none of that. By its close back design it does a good job for reducing the ambient noise, and crank up the volume its noise isolation is so good that your bed-mate couldn’t hear the sound it airs.
Well, a Bluetooth headphone for TV shouldn’t pinch too much on your ears, comfort (Rated 9/10)
The oval ear-pads conforms well to the ear, which are definitely better than circular earpads in terms of comfort and noise isolation. I am a fan of lightweight headphone, and despite of its weight, the RS 170 will make you feel solid and won’t punch to much to your ears and the padding is pretty soft and durable.
Battery Life 
Rechargeable and removable AAA in each earcup allows the RS 170 to play up to 24 hours after a full charge. The charging station is pretty convenient too, letting users to hang the headphone there for charging.
The RS 170 has very long working range 260 foot. Take a walk around you home, you are about to hear something on the air.
Sound quality
Since it was engineered specifically to steam audio content from TV, the base has analog input, fortunately it doesn’t have digital output. You can plugs TV output into it or other audio sources.

Wonder how this wireless headphones work for movies? Fabulous!, it offers home theater performance. The RS 170 is a great-sounding wireless headphone. In terms of the surround simulation they can create, RS 170 pushes your audio, making you more immersive in every stage of movies.

Though holding a lot of circuit, there is no background noise or hiss obtained from RS 170. It’s  great in many ways, but the RS 170 also presents some drawbacks like volume limitation-if you want loud volume for movies you should choose the wired headphone instead, and sound quality issue compared to wired headsets.

Considering price and audio performance, the RS 170 is our top pick. However, if you want to look further for better sound quality here are some sets of wireless TV headphones we would recommend.

Sennheiser RS 220

Sennheiser RS 220, the most expensive set of wireless headphones for TV, offers deeper bass and better sound, but it is not as loud as RS 170 and here’s our full review.

An open-back wireless headphones for television, RS 220

Sennheiser are a well-known brand when it comes to wireless headphones for TV. Again, the RS 220 could easily be the best in the Sennheiser RS series as it is a favorite with audiophiles. However, it comes at an expensive price of about $599. This is definitely for those who love their sound a certain way and are willing to cough up the cash for it. Let’s check out its features:

Noise Isolation

The Seinnheiser RS 220 does not have a very good noise isolation capability, as it is designed to be an open back headphone. It has earpads padded with leather and velour. Because of open-back design, someone sitting next to you will definitely hear the noise, and ambient sounds will also sneak in.

Comfort, Weight and Design

This headphone comes packaged in two main components. There’s the large headset, and the plastic base. Sennheiser have designed the base/dock in a clever, practical and versatile style. The front is shiny black, and the rest of it is textured matt. The fact that its plastic means the weight is light, under 500 grams. The base is in form of a tower, and incorporates 4 different types of inputs on the rear end: RCA, optical, coaxial and 3.5mm jack.The front of the base contains power buttons and switch controls that are touch sensitive. The base also acts as the charging dock for the headphones. The base has integrated Toslink and analogue loop outs and digital inputs.

The RS 220’s are very comfortable headphones. They do have a somewhat different design from past RS wireless headsets, as the rear grills aren’t really roundish. They are designed to be open-backed headphones, which have the benefit of keeping the ears cooler compared to closed-backed sets. The pads are made of velour and are leather padded, which adds to comfort but doesn’t help with sound leakage.

Battery Life

The thing with R220 headphones is that if you don’t charge them fully, then the signal will tend to drop-out. They also have less battery life than other past models, and can only provide 6 to 8 hours of battery life. The headphones are charged by hanging them on the base. The charging mechanism is quite clever. There are 2 rechargeable 800mAh AAA batteries nestled at the top of both earcups, and they begin charging the moment the headphones are placed on the base.


In terms of transmission, it is claimed that the range is 100 feet within the house, and goes all the way to 300 feet line-of-sight. It doesn’t have hiccup when you move around your room.

Sound Quality

The acoustics of this wireless headset is based on Sennheiser’s range of HD 600 headphones. The audio transmission from the base station to the headphone is achieved through a DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) modulation technique. The fact that it’s an open headphone design helps to boost the quality of sound. The high range sounds are boosted, with the mids and lows being considerably flat. This is perfect for those who love the ‘audiophile sound’. It also produces a heavy high-end sound mix. All in all, the sound profile doesn’t impress much, but of course there are some who love it anyway.

Sennheiser RS 160 (Read Full review) Closest to the sound of RS 170.

Power Acoustik HP902R Feet POWER ACCOUSTIC 2 SWIVEL 2CH. WIRELESS (Read Full Review) If you’re on tight budget, and want to get decent sound quality as well as good features for connecting to your TV, the HP902R can provide that.

How it works. 

Almost TV don’t feature wireless connection, so first you need to connect the wireless headphones base to the TV via a cable. The base station will transmit the audio signal via wireless connection to the headphones. Pair your wireless headphones to the base.

Note that there are 2 types of full size wireless headphones: Closed back/Open back. The Open back will sound more expansive and less “contained” than the close back. Depending on your purpose, if you don’t want other people in your room hearing what you hear, you should pick the close back headphones with good noise-isolation.

The RS 170 was also rated great by  TrustedReviews, Sound & Vision, CNET, innerfidelity, Head-Fi members.

Wireless headphones comes in all forms and styles, but in order to have the best sound surround simulations–the best capacity of headphones to recreate the theater audio experience for users, you should pick the full-size models. If noise-isolation matters, then you should choose the closed-back design.

The tech used for headphones for TV  streaming audio wirelessly from the base station include: (update soon…)

This article is about the stuff we think you’ll like, and it is about home audio headphones–the audio device for home use rather than for people on the go. 

Published on 10/05/2015