Best Wireless Earbuds For Iphone X Users

1 BeatsX – NeckBand Bluetooth Headphones

BeatsX are able to automatically sync with Apple device using the same Cloud ID, effortless pairing. It does sound good with long batter life. Fast fuel charging is a plus point, if it runs out of battery and you need to take it to your gym.

2 Anker SoundBuds Slim+ – Budget Bluetooth Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Sports

Longer battery life, more refined sound and supplied with a bunch of accessories these Bluetooth earbuds are equipped enough for your workout sessions.

3 Apple Airpods – True wireless earbuds for Iphone X

Despite being earrings looking, the Airpods’s sound and smart feature make it the best true wireless earbuds

4 JayBird X3 Bluetooth Earbuds

Sound customization buy app, wing tips for secure fit, good sound quality and solid battery together with stable Bluetooth connection are key factors for Iphone X users’s wireless earbuds. And Jaybird X3 are built for it.


5 Powerbeats3 Wireless

These W1-support sports wireless Bluetooth earbuds are exactly what you would need for your iphone X. The sporty look and exceptional secure fit with loops are great. The Powerbeats3 Wireless’s powerful, punchy bass is sport enthusiasts’s favorite sound signature

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