Best Wireless Earbuds For Android

While writing an Android app for Bluetooth earbuds, I figured out the Android for Bluetooth isn’t perfect yet. It doesn’t provide seamless experience like Airpods with iOS – that we open the case of Airpods the iPhones immediately ask for pairing by popping up the notification.

Google takes a lot of effort to improve the Bluetooth for Android. One of which is display battery status of connected Bluetooth headsets. Android also has API which lets app developers write functions to discover the Bluetooth earbuds and automatically pair with the device with given name. Unfortunately the Bluetooth settings in Android by default doesn’t do so. You still have to go to Bluetooth settings, scan and touch screen for pairing.

For instance, with my Sabbat E12 Ultra, I have to open the Bluetooth setting, scan for the device, touch to pair for the first time use.

The reason Android doesn’t switch on scanning mode Bluetooth is On is it consumes battery. iOS on the other hand, it knows the Airpods’ name and other Beats’ headphones. The H1 and W1 processors developed by Apple have a function that once Bluetooth headphones switched on, they will ask iOS – the iOS then identify the name (by MAC address I guess) and proceed to pairing. So it’s incredibly simple for pairing Airpods with iOS devices.

Until the Qualcomm and other Bluetooth processor makers provide a solution for Android, the Android users couldn’t have that experience. But it’s possible because there are countless Bluetooth earbuds on the market, and Androids can’t bake in all names into their system, it also raises the security concern for your phones.

For sound quality, Bluetooth audio either on iOS or Android have the same limitation that audio date is compressed before transfering over Bluetooth, which results in loss of data.

So if you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for your Androids phones I bet you value the sound more than the Bluetooth things. The low latancy may be important if you often watch video and play Android games.

Wired Bluetooth earbuds

The neckband OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 is my favorite. It’s comfortable both on neck and on ears, delivers good call quality and sound.

If you like advanced ANC feature, go for the Jabra Evolve 75e, with the Jabra Sound+ for Android you can do a bunch of customizations for your headsets.

Airpods Alternative For Android

A lot of brands try to mimic the Airpods.

It’s tough to find a pair of earbuds for Android with the similar sounding profile and the look as Airpods.

However some pair are nearly matched

While browsing on Amazon, I was recommended this pair – letsfit

Or you can try AirPods knockoffs

They have the same look as Airpods, but look inside…

52audio shared a teardown of several pairs of AirPods knockoffs. These earbuds are powered by Airoha AB1526P (Bingola true wireless) and Realtek RTL8763B ( Huaqiangbei True Wireless) Bluetooth chipsets. These chipsets support Bluetoth 5.0 and are also found in Redmi AirDots and other. These Airpods clone ‘s batteries don’t have Protection Circuit Module (PCM) board and Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor overcurrent protection, the packages are designed to protect battery from overdischarging and short circuit.

The Knockies KP1 stands out for good sound and features. It nearly sounds as good as Airpods.

If not the Anker Soundcore Life P2 is a cheaper, more affordable alternative.

Notably, the Life P2 is true wireless earbuds for Android. But the P2 is sealed in the ear with eartips while Airpods are non-silicone style wireless earbuds.

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