Best Wired Earbuds With Mic

Wired earbuds have no transparency feature or mic’s noise reduction technology, how would they ever have better calls?

The fact: Traditional wired earbuds don’t have CVC tech or similar as implemented in TWS. This tech is powered by Bluetooth processors that have functioning of filtering out the ambient noise for mics. This is the key feature why TWS or Bluetooth earbuds have better calls than wired counterparts.

I have been looking for a pair of wired earbuds that have ability to work as good as TWS for calls, but since they can’t reduce the background noise, their call quality is just acceptable if making call outdoor it’s even worst.

Some wired earbuds like Bose QC with circuit board for NC, unfortunately the noise reduction tech for mic is not implemented. And it’s essentially required earbuds with noise reduction tech to have a processor to solve algorithm and more mics to capture better the ambient noise and block out these noise signal. Up to 3 microphones have been built in true wireless earbuds, but till date 2 mics for wired earbuds have not yet to come. I don’t know because it’s moving to Bluetooth things or audio makers just hesitate to invest noise reduction tech in old-school items – wired earbuds for better call quality.

Sticking my wired earbuds to my computer at work is still no problem I feel good, the sound quality is good too, but sometime I need a quality video call with my friends/co-workers, and with single mic built in and no further voice-processing I think the audio make leave something worth it behind.

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