Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $150

For under $50 it’s pretty easy to find a pair of entry TWS from design perspective, you can pick any design you like since their sound is not that much varied.

In the upper price range from $50 to $100 you get more features such as ANC and better call quality and build quality and a bit better audio, but for less than $150, it will be more about the sound – they significantly sound better than sub-$100 pairs.

If you once tried $150 true wireless earbuds you will hear they sound exceptional compared to $100 ones, given that if you own several cheapies.

Josiah –

To narrow down your shortlist, under $150 we also have a few options open-style AirPods, sporty Jabra Elite 75t, signature Bose SoundSport Free and Sony WF-SP800N, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus (Dual dynamic drivers) and Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro (BA + DD) which recently I reviewed and unboxed.

Driver configuration plays an important role how the earbuds sound, BA or DDs will have big impacts on frequency response.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

Not that heavy on the ear, but they stick out

Which Pair I Like The Most?

For design Galaxy Buds+ weren’t impressive me, AirPods with long stem are smallest and lightweight they are great for iPhone users, SoundSport Free look more sporty than Sony WF-SP800N and I like the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro the most for their sound, unfortunately not for their call quality and size.

If you often make call pick AirPods, they do sound good for any kinds of music and since smartphone manufacturers like Apple have advantages of integrating features into their own true wireless AirPods work seamlessly with iOS devices – pairing, connection and location tracking.

Pairs to hit the gym pick the aging SoundSport Free, perhaps they come in a form of most durable TWS, able to stand to countless drops on the floor without damaging, though they are just IPX4 rating. They fit well with semi-in ear that means they don’t isolate sound well like Sony WF-SP800N, but the bass kicked in, sound imaging is impressive despite the open fit. Note the Bose newer release the Bose Sports Earbuds but they cost more than $150.

Great for bass presentation pick Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro. They are aren’t discrete. Weight and size balanced, Liberty 2 Pro feel solid, and high quality build product on hand and you will actually the nifty, wireless charging case. It’s bold to pick this pair if you have average ear sizes and larger.

Sony WF-SP800N (6mm driver) with ANC feature but it’s not really effective. They do block out the noise physically, their sound isolation is on par with Buds+ but better than other pairs. So if you like to experience ANC, touch control transparency mode and sound with stronger bass, this pair is generally a good pick, though they are not particually great in any department – sound, fit and features.

If you own Galaxy devices (extended to some wearables like smart watches), pick Buds+ for their multipoint, greatly balanced sound whereby bass, treble mid-range are tuned excellently. Buds + are the best sounding overall, bass is more refined and impactful than Liberty 2 Pro, while mid-range is more energetic than the original Buds and the treble is something distinct from the rest. Buds + should fit most people’s ears and with fins they provide an more fit for sports.

Also consider

Mifo O7 2020 version: Best design, neutral sound, touch control dual BA drivers, excellent call quality, you may like the Mifo O7 design over Buds+ which perform better in bass and mid-range, but Mifo O7 have clear, brighter highs.

Panasonic RZ-S300W (6mm Driver) – comfortable, all ranges don’t stack up against Mifo O7

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