Best Triple Driver Earbuds

In a quest for triple driver earbuds – to truly enjoy the high-quality sound – you may end up with some options.

It’s true that people are still craving into the sound – and Bluetooth audio or low-end earbuds are never satisfactory!

Bluetooth audio sucks! and you have to recharge it if using frequently and they should be used for working out.

Low-end earbuds are equipped with cheap dynamic drivers, pumping a lot of bass and nothing else.

Even the most nature sounding earbuds is short of frequencies!

In my post about dual driver earbuds – you get a general view about how Dynamic driver and balanced armature (BA) work

Here’s you would find out more about triple drivers and their combinations – Two dynamic drivers + 1 BA or One Dynamic drivers + 2 BAs

Which combination would be perfect?

1more Triple Driver (Two BA + One Dynamic driver)

It’s tough to build a lot drivers on a tight space of earbuds such that 1more Triple Drivers.

But once they can do – it excels – small size, great sound and great build quality.

1more Triple Driver represents somewhat we called premium sound for least dollars.

The highs is clear

Bass is thump-up

Mid-range is sweet and mellow.

They are rugged too, every time I go out for a trip – they are alway in my pocket. Though I have a couple of Bluetooth earbuds – One things I hate they run out of battery in the middle of my trip.

If you travel a lot – need to read and don’t like the noise – wearing earbuds with good isolation and blasts juice of music to your ears the 1more Triple Driver is just designed for it.


While 1more triple driver sounds great it isn’t a bass monster – that where the FiiO F9 PRO comes in.

Wearing F9 PRO is a bit stylish since it hooks over your ears.

The overall quality of F9 PRO reminded me about the RHA T10i earbuds I bought several years ago.

Housings are metal – cold in the winter and not that hot in the summer.

Both are substantially bass-enhanced and heavy too in the ear.

The good thing? the F9 Pro earbuds is detachable and you can easily replaced the cable when they break.

F9 PRO lifetime may be associated with cassette in the past if you buy it and use it from now.

Sony XBA-3 (3 BA drivers)

This pair is different – it is built with 3 BA drivers on earch earpiece.

That means the bass is less powerful than others built with dynamic drivers, but the XBA-3 sounded more clear and detailed.

The Sony XBA-3 is not popular and they may be discontinued. The reason I included them in this post is to give you a view on how triple driver earbuds are made in the past couple of years and their price.

The last pair I would recommed is the plastic Meizu Triple Driver earbuds

It’s smallest.

And the earbuds are so lightweight that you feel like wearing Airpods.

If you are on budget pick the

KZ ZSR Triple Driver

It shares the same recipe with 1More Triple Driver (Two BAs + One Dynamic driver) but much cheaper.

Triple driver earbuds – Phase out the BA each earpiece is built with 3 dynamic drivers

Dual 7mm driver plus 9mm driver

What’s yours please comment blow!

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