Best Triple Driver Earbuds (Earphones)

Earbuds doesn’t work totally like speakers because they make use of balanced armature.

  • Single driver isn’t enough for earbuds’ sound. Balanced armature (BA) and Dynamic driver (DD) do complement each other and even with piezoelectric speaker earbuds reach a new territory for sound signature.
  • I rounded up top dual driver earbuds, if you are looking for something else in sound, the triple may be an upgrade.

1More triple driver earbuds are one of the top earbuds under $100. They have 2 BA and 1 Dynamic driver that boost the bass and the clarity to a new level.

KZ ZSR often called IEMs also got 3 built-in drivers (speakers) but their design typically is much different compared to regular earbuds.

The sound chamber constructed by two Balanced armature in the front and 1 dynamic driver in the back

Senfer DT6

The included eartips are a bit weird

You experience the sound that you’ve never heard before with the triple driver configuration – Dynamic, Piezoelectric Speaker and B.A, that – punch, tight bass presents, full-body mid-range, and clear, bright treble.

What’s piezoelectric speaker? And how earbuds benefit from it

This kind of speaker takes advantage of the piezoelectric effect to generate sound. It can handle loud volume and high ranges and can resist from over-loading voltage.

The housings are small and solidly built, vented on the back, the Senfer DT6 is totally noise-isolating which make the sound feel more purified and natural.

Sony offers a wide range of triple driver earphones with triple Balanced Armature drivers or in combination with dynamic driver. And most of them aren’t cheap, but as always Sony earphones have excellent build quality, great sound that others hardly matched.

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