Best $50 Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2019

While Bose is the best headphone band for noise cancellation (NC), they don’t offer headphones with their advanced feature for less than $50. Other brands are catching up, not competing over $200 price range, here are top five best $50 noise cancelling headphones you could find on Amazon.

While NC is important you may also look for other factors such as comfort, design (in ear, over ear or on ear) and features (Bluetooth, batter life, waterproofing)

The effectiveness of NC is rated by the decibel (dB) they can reduce from the ambient noise. The headphones themself also can physically block the noise if they fit right on you ear – that is noise isolating and is maximized, together with ANC the calculated dB the headphone can totally reduce may higher than the techincal indication.

Which will have the highest noise reduction capacity? Wire/wireless over ear headphones, earbuds and earbuds with neckbands.

1 Avantree ANC032 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones with Mic, Wireless

Over ear headphones deliver – Rumbling bass, dynamic and powerful sound

This headphone got thousands of positive reviews from Amazon customers, we also checked whether those reviews are legit on Fakespot before we get our own, this turned out it got grade A, meaning they got just a few percentage of suspicious reviews.

On hand, the Avantree ANC032 is an comforable, lightweight over ear headphones but it doesn’t feel premium like Sony WH-1000XM2 – top high-end NC headphones. The headband is expendable for the best fit the ear-cups are incredibly soft.

Built in large Dynamic driver – 40mm, the sound of Avantree ANC is loud, dynamic and blasted with strong bass, the Bluetooth connection is solid and the Bluetooth range is impressive. Watching movies on TV or smart phones it syncs well with rarely delay.

The NC capacitiy of Avantree ANC032 is not on par with Bose’s QC35 II, but given the price point it is just great. We found the background noises are reduced when testing the headphones in airplane, on bus and metro city. As the company claimed the headphone can reduce the noise up to 75% low frequence background noise, but if it is in a large crowd, the shouting is still persistant.

The 10 hours of battery life is enough for a long-haul flight when listening at Bluetooth mode and ANC on. A note that the headphone can be used for wired listening with included cable, that with cable and ANC on it can play up to 48hr, because the Bluetooth consumes a lot of juice from battery.

Also consider: 

  • TaoTronics TT-BH040 ANC wireless Bluetooth headphones

Neckband NC Bluetooth headphones is the best choice if you prefer something more portable but has long battery life.

2 Mpow [Upgraded] A5 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

The Mpow A5 is great for calls

Racking up 25dB in noise reduction the Mpow A5 isn’t as good as other over ear choice, but they are in ear and even without NC the can also block out noises in the open space offices, airplane or noisey street.

Though the headphone is very portable, can be used for sports, there are a few draws – portability means small battery – or low batter capacity they just last for 4 hours with NC on. And the IN EAR sound is less spacy then over ear headphones, the bass is less rumbling and full. Mpow [Upgraded] A5 sounds clear for calls and listening to the music if you are not a frequent flyer just traveling by train or bus they work fine for reducing the noise.

Also consider:

  • The LINNER NC50: this headphone has longer battery than Mpow A5 – rated at 9 hours with NC on. While the NC performance is the same for both sets the Mpow sounded slightly better.

3 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint

Using AAA batter to power ANC function seems to be a thing of the past

The ATH-ANC23 is our favorite pair of ANC wired earbuds and it use AAA battery to power the NC, that mean you don’t have recharge it just replace the battery once it is dead. You can find a better alternative, TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wired Earphones with Lithium rechargable battery. 

The battery compartment of ATH-ANC23 is large and bulky and these earbuds are released in 2009 and their design is quite obsolete.

While the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint’s signature is balanced that is surprisingly nice for any kind of music and we like its sound the most its NC capacity isn’t impressive.

4 TaoTronics ANC TT-EP01US wired earbuds

Metalic, flashy earbud with wingtips for a secure fit these earbuds look truly sporty. The inline battery compartment is lightweight and small and their NC works a bit better than Mpow A5.

The TT-EP01US has a solid battery, up to 15 hours.

The TT-EP01US sounds balanced with fairly details the mid-range is somewhat laid-back. The bass is pronounced but not prominent. 

Aslo checked on Fakespot with grade A

Be aware of fake reviews on Amazon, a NC headphones that is bombarded with 5 stars reviews doesn’t mean they are a truly worth buying product. You can double check it on Fakespot.

Active noise cancelling feature are prayed by a lot of music lovers who are exposed to the noise daily but it is solely a functionality, sound quality is another factor, and for a NC headphone often we approach 3 type of sound signature – bass enhanced and natural, balanced sound, and sound perspectives between over ear and in ear. Clearly over headphones sound better than in ear earbuds and wired sounds better than Bluetooth so you have to weigh between convenience over sound depending on your need.

Wired in ear headphones with ANC feature could be the last thing you would consider.

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