Best MMCX Connector/Cable

You can go wireless with MMCX Bluetooth Cable

But wired listening is always better!

If your IEMs cable break or you just look for something better

I’ve rounded up a couple of MMCX cable/connector for your IEMs

FiiO LC-3.5AS – Quality MMCX cable

FiiO’s high quality cable for IEMs the cable is designed to last – no mic or volume control included.

Known for some of best earbuds (dual driver, triple driver you name it), FiiO now is diversifying with a expansion into cables.

FiiO LC-3.5AS has 3.5mm gold plated copper jack, 40 cm long cable and it comes with a handy shirt-clip.

It’s compatible with most MMCX earpieces on the market, notably Shure SE series. It works prefectly with the FiiO FH1, a great set of in ear monitors and the FiiO BTR1 excellent Bluetooth adapter

Shure EAC46BKS

The cable is black, 120cm long and with L-jack it’s a Shure 846 ‘s companion

Shure is among the first in IEMs’ world and their accessories are of a high quality to gain high rating from users.

The Shure EAC46BKS cable should work with other IEMs as well.

Unless you own a pair of earphones that cost more than $300, it’s worth investing the $35 Shure EAC46BKS.

Yinyoo Upgraded 6 Core Copper MMCX Cable

The core of cable defines the quality of sound being transmitted, and with anaerobic copper wire the Yinyoo cable ensure the quality of sound you are deserved to enjoy from your IEMs

The cable is compatible with budget TIN Audio T2 and other Shure earphones

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