Best Lightning Earbuds For iPhone Users

As the iPhone 12 ships without a charger and headsets users who prefer sticking to wire have to quest for lightning earbuds.

A note that lightling earbuds are competial with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod.

PALOVUE Lightning earbuds

Unlike Earpods, these earbuds have better noise isolation with eartips.

It gets MFI certification, meaning it’s safe for iPhones and Apple devices. The inline control have all features you need like adjusting volumes, taking calls and Siri activation.

Ugreen In-Ear Lightning Headphone

This is pretty basic for iPhone.

The earbuds are small and comfortable to wear, their design reminded me the Sony earbuds back to 5 year ago.

The inline control provides volume control and multiple function buttion.

The earbuds are solid and the cable are in good quality.

Urbeats3 lightning

Bigger bass and richer sound than the rest

Apple quietly kill off Urbeats3 lightning after launching Beats Flex.

These sound much better than Beats Flex which I think is the Bluetooth version of UrBeats3.

Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

These EarPods are not included with the latest iPhone

Well, if you like something designed by Apple again, the EarPods is a good fit. The unsealed design shapes the sound of earpods which is airy and pleasant to listen to. Inline remote control lets you control the playback, video, calls.

Since all these earbuds come with fairly cheap price, the build quality is good, so is the sound. It’s no brainer to pick them, just choose the design you like.

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