Founded by Paul Klipsch more than 65 years ago, Paul’s ambition was to reproduce the dynamics and excitement of a live orchestra performance in his living room. The first product, the Klipschorn® is one of legendary loudspeakers in the world and it is only loudspeaker that has been in continuous production for over 65 years. Through continuous developments with new applied technologies, Klipsch has successfully delivered their expert in audio to earbuds. Since portable devices are becoming more popular, the audio manufacturers changed their products for this trend and Klipsch is one of the best who took this by their advantages.

You are an loyal of Klipsch Brand, you want to dig in more experiences in Klipsch products. Let’s try best Klipsch earbuds.

Here is our top pick for Best Klipsch Earbuds.


Klipsch X11i Earbuds

Klipsch Image X10i

The Klipsch Image X10i earbuds are supercomfortable and feature oval eartips, which are soft and stick well to the ear. Their sound profile is clear and balanced with good bass response that is better than Etymotic ER4PT–the same slim design. These earbuds are specifically designed for iPhone users with mic and inline control. 

Budget Klipsch Earbuds, Klipsch Image S3

Klipsch Image X10i