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How often and how long do you play online game? wearing the over the ear gaming headphones can be hot and a burden to carry around. In addition, the leather padding of ear cups can make the ear “unbreathable”. So a good gaming earbuds in this case is more preferable. However, what earbuds were designed specifically for games to make you feel immersive enough to the virtual world or drive you deeper engagement into the game. We’ve rounded up a few of the best gaming earbuds available that are able to do that.

Earbuds’ sound for gaming shoud be bass enhanced, not balanced

The gaming earbuds come with the inline mic, which enables you to communicate with your teammates and friends online. They also feature volume control and button to pick up the call…and the advantages of these gaming headsets are simply light and super portable, so you can play on the go during time on bus or train. Go online and join the team, voice chatting and shoot enermies like a boss.:). The gaming earbuds will surely richen your experience in games on tablets, smartphones- (Android or iOS devices), or PC, PS, XBOX, Nitendo…

Over the ear headphones with ear cups can simulate the sound environments better than earbuds. However, some gamers feel uncomfortable with those, since they can sweat a lot from “warm padding” of big ear cups. The gaming earbuds are produced to give gamers, in term of comfort, have better experience in games, but they can also enjoy high quality sound as well. 

Typical Features Of The Earbuds For Gamers

– There are a lot of fun games on app stores, if you wear earbuds only designed for music, they may fail to tune the sound effects of the games.It is not really necessary to get excellent music while play gamers, other sounds are also very important to be enhanced such as footsteps, explosions, gun fire Bang! bang, car roaring, shouting – fire in the hall. These sounds bring about the excitement and full experience that game designers wanted to deliver. Most gamers are looking to hear these sounds and all of them come from the mid bass range, sounds really make you participate in the game. 

– When you wear these earbuds, the mic is located at the position that doesn’t like the over the ear headphones in which the mic faces your mouth for better voice picking up. In some games it requires voice command, the mic of over the ear headphones are better in picking voice from users. However, gaming earbuds’s mic works nicely even at shoulder level for voice command. 

3 Best Gaming Earbuds

1. Razer Hammerhead Pro Gaming Earbuds With Mic: Strong build

Razer Hammerhead Pro earbuds for gamers

Razer gaming earbuds are typically for those who spend a lot of time to play games on Tablet or PC (with splitter adapter). Though they are an portable gaming headset, they are lack of some basic features such as in-line volume control or free-tangle cable. Its sound is customized for gaming, so they are for gamers rather than for audiophiles. The price is moderately expensive, and the headset is currently on sales for $65.99.

Pros: The Hammerhead Pro Razer is a bass earbuds. That being said ” they look as good as they sound”, the aluminum earbud housing is built solidly, which can resist to the force that if someone accidentally steps on, yet their sound quality would be improved and it doesn’t have balance sound profile.

Cons: Lack of inline volume control, and it is not very good at picking up the voice. 

2. Sennheiser PC300 Gaming Earbuds With Mic: Clear Voice

Best gaming earbuds

Unlike Razer, Sennheiser PC 300 G4Me earbuds have handy features such as integrated Inline volume control. Supported by latest Tech, the Sennheiser 300 sounds decent bass and brings about home theater experience in games, some sound effects in games such as footsteeps are slightly enhanced.  For music they are somewhat at the average level.  As advertised, they pick up every word, if you play in the online team, such a great headset to guide the instructions to other team members.

Pros: Decent bass. Audio quality for voice calls is definitely better than Razer

Cos: Music lovers should look for another set for better performance. 

3. SteelSeries Flux Gaming Earbuds and Music: Best Gaming Earbuds

Top rated gaming earbuds

The SteelSeries Flux earbuds offer memory foam earbuds tips along with silicon tips- very comfortable to wear for hours and light weight. You also can wear ’em by a couple different ways: cable up or cable down. The flat cable will never let these gaming earbuds get messed in your pocket from tangling. They use voice picking up pattern, Omni-directional from MIC, which captures voices pretty good. Since they use balanced amature technology, sound delivered is clear and accurate in every stage of games.

Pros: Variety of earbuds tips, clear sound, the middlerange sounds accurately. Bass is present but not prominant. This quality earbuds is excellent for playing game and listening music as well. They work with most game consoles, tablet and smartphones.

Cons: The flat cable is rather large which can make noise when moving, expensive price.

Additional Information About Gaming Headsets

The gaming headset mostly follow the over the ear style, not many audio companies made earbuds for gaming. The range of gaming headset comes from standard one to high-end models with the price range $20 to $300, paying around $60 you can get a reasonably good gaming headset. However, for portability the big and sturdy headsets are not appropriate for people on the go who also want to enjoy games on iPhone or ipad anywhere.

Gaming earbuds can be either wired or wireless the connection based the bluetooth, however one disadvantage of bluetooth headsets you need to recharge them and they are normally heavier than wired earbuds.

What devices do you have to play game? 2 Gaming Earbuds above have an adapter so you can use them either for Xbox One PlayStation 4 or smart devices.

Sennheiser also made the incredible headset Sennheiser G4ME ONE one of the best gaming headset available for audiophiles and game addicts

While you can enjoy the room-filling sound from Speakers, or have the deepest experience in games with gaming headset- over the ear style, carrying a bulky gaming headsets on public is quite silly so the gaming earbuds overall is the best choice.

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