The Very Best Earbuds for iPhone

Apple earpods, which don’t feature eartips, are not good at isolating noise and fitting securely. Its sound quality is also another issue, so why still stick to it while there are a lot of better earbuds out there. However, there are a bunch of things to consider when it comes to choosing which brand of earbuds is going to give you best value for your money. The process of getting replacement options that offer a better sound performance and noise-reduction effect can be a bit cumbersome, most importantly they must best suit your iPhone, so we have broken it down for you. We have considered factors such as comfort, secure fit, sound quality, and in-line control. Here is a list of the 5 best earbuds designed to fully work with your iPhone or other iOS devices.

5 Best Earbuds for iPhone

Bose Freestyle Earbuds

Bose freestyle earbuds for iphones

The Bose Freestyle is a wired earbud that offers sports enthusiasts a secure and comfortable way to enjoy their music as they achieve their fitness goals. Using StayHear tips, it conforms to the shape of the ear and thus sticks well to ear canals even during strenuous and vigorous workouts. The Bose Freestyle is resistant to sweat as its speaker elements are covered with hydrophobic material that keeps wetness out. It also has a sporty and stylish design which I find is quite appealing, noticed with mixed colors on the housings and cable.

This set of wired earbuds has a great sound system that pitches good bass performance. In terms of sound quality, the Bose Freestyle tries to balance audio by incorporating crisp treble and deep bass. On the other hand, Bose Freestyle earphones are not that good at keeping out external noises and sounds, so users will not find them effective in noisy environments.

The Bose Freestyle wired earbuds are customized for different types of iOS devices like iPods, iPhones, and iPads, while there is also a version compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. With an integrated mic and remote, sporty users can regulate the volume of sound and answer phone calls without having to reach for their devices.

SOUNDOT Bluetooth Earbuds

Sport headphones - Soundot bluetooth earbuds for iphones

The SOUNDOT Bluetooth earbuds are made with the comfort and security of sports lovers in mind. It has earbud stabilizers which enable the earbuds to stay in the ear without falling out while exercising. The earbud stabilizers and earbud tips come in different sizes to ensure that they fit comfortably to anyone. However, compared to other earbuds like Plantronics Backbeat FIT, it does not really have the best secure fit. The SOUNDOT is made to withstand moisture and is designed using hydrophobic materials, which is quite convenient for sporty and sweaty activities.

The sound performance of the SOUNDOT is quite decent, and the eartips do have a good noise-isolation. These Bluetooth earbuds, which works in the range of 20 metres,  take roughly 2.5 hours to charge but can play music for about 6 hours straight.

The SOUNDOT is fully compatible with any iOS device that has built-in Bluetooth, allowing it to be paired with the device. It comes with an integrated microphone that enables users to smoothly transition between listening to music and taking calls. It also allows the volume to be controlled without taking your device out of your pocket.

Jabra SPORT PULSE Wireless Bluetooth Stereo–HRM and Earbuds

Jabra Sport pulse bluetooth heart rate monitor earbuds for iphone

The Jabra SPORT PULSE is more than just a wireless sports in ear headphones. It is designed to improve the user’s performance by incorporating a heart rate monitor (HRM) and other apps like Nike Plus or Runner Keeper for regulating fitness. Jabra’s advanced heart rate monitoring technology uses your inner ear to measure your heart rate with clinical-grade accuracy. This wireless earbud set is great for sports enthusiasts as it is integrated with a SPORT LIFE APP that tracks and gives real-time feedback on training and performance intensity levels, including HRM, distance, speed or calories burned.

Jabra SPORT PULSE is designed to stay securely in place within your ear as you engage in intensive exercise. Built to the standards of the US military, it can withstand rain, sand, shock and dust. It has a behind-the-ear shape and comes with different types of EarGels™ that will enable you to acquire the right fit.

Jabra SPORT PULSE does not use wires thus ensuring that your workout has no limitations. It uses immersive Dolby Sound which gives good music and sound quality. All you have to do when taking calls or controlling music volume is to quickly tap on the earbuds. It is compatible with any Bluetooth device and has spoken prompts to guide you during pairing and connecting with your devices. If sound perfromance is not your priority, but HRM and Wireless connection, Jabra is particulary a nice choice.

RHA T10i for Audiophiles who own Iphone

RHA T10i High Fidelity earbuds for iphones

Metalic earbuds–Credit Amazon

The RHA T10i is a great set of earbuds when it comes to sound quality. They come with tunable audio and amazing build quality. The RHA T10i rocks with a strong bass while tuning out external noises, thanks to state-of-the-art tuning filters.

One benefit that the RHA T10i has over competitors is its interchangeable tuning filters. These are simply small attachments that are put on the tip of the earbud, for slightly modifying the sound as it passes through. This allows you to choose between insane bass or pure soft sound. The level of the bass may sometimes be too much for some people, but this can be adjusted accordingly by switching the filters. The noise isolation is way better than most other earphones in the market, which just makes the sound quality better.

In terms of comfort and fit, the RHA T10i is not bad. They seem to be made for people with smaller ears. The supporting tips are not big enough for someone with average-sized ears. The foam tips are comfortable and great for isolating external noises, while the double flange tips provide the maximum comfort and fit for most people.

The RHA T10i is a bit weighty due to its metallic body, but it comes with ear hooks to hold it in place. The over-the-ear design minimizes the tendency of cable noise when walking around, thus it is suitable for active users.

Brainwavz Delta-best budget earbuds 

budget metal housing earbuds for iphones

Brainwavz Delta is a well priced set of earphones for users who do not want to spend too much money.

They are a great fit for the average user and are actually built to be quite comfortable and durable, which is amazing for such a cheap pair of earbuds. It comes with foam and silicone tips for the earbuds, with the pair of foam tips providing ample comfort and ease of insertion into the ear. The cable is nice and smooth, and does not tangle up easily.

The quality of sound produced is very balanced and clear, with the midranges providing an accurate sound, though the heavy bass can sometimes sound unrefined. It seems to be designed for tracks that have deep bass and it would be better off with a bit more control in the bass department. The treble on the Brainwavz Delta can also sound a tad grainy and annoying, but this is no surprise considering the retail price of this product. The truth is the Brainwavz Delta produces better quality sound than most other budget earphones.

The Brainwavz Delta is also compatible with most iOS devices, though it does not have inline control for its devices. These are definitely the way to go if you want to get your hands on a pair of budget earphones that take your listening experience to another level (See more…best cheap earbuds)

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