Best earbuds for Sleeping

Wired earbuds for sleeping for ASMR

Small size, comfortable even for side sleeping they sound good and don’t break – fraying cable since you won’t never know what you’d do while dreaming.

Most importantly – the volume level of these sleep earbuds should be restricted to a level that won’t damage your hearing when you wake up.

There is a case in Taiwan reported by in March 2019.

A student who slept with his earbuds on ear and woke up completely loss hearing in one ear. (Later his hearing recovered with immediate treatment)


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MAXROCK Sleep Earbuds

MAXROCK Sleep Earbuds are cheap – it costs only 10 bucks.

Housings is very small and the bi-flange eartips ensure a good noise isolation.

Since they are equipped 5mm driver the sound is not loud enough, bass is lacking. But it seems to play well white noises from your phones.

Wireless earbuds for sleeping – I’m not recommending because they are battery operated and the earbuds may get heated when you wear them at night.

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