Best earbuds for design -
Best earbuds for design

Best earbuds for design

Are you seeking out for best-looking earbuds? Here we’ve rounded up some earbuds that were applauded and awarded Reddot for product design.

Since the first earbuds appeared, to compete on the market so many earbuds have been on the line with better design, playful colors and fashionable style. Do you consider earbuds as an item that is a part of your style, like you wear necklaces or  earring.

Earbud design is the important part of making earbuds, which not only effects how the sound is made but also will be the point you will make decision when picking up them from online stores.

You can see the beauty of design and vivid colors, and nice coated paint from earbuds. In fact, every earbud is designed by two parts. I am not talking about the complication of hardware, the first components are the soft earbud tips that provide comfort and secure fit to users and the other one is to process sounds emitting from the diaphragm. Look at the curves of ear bud tips and the well crafted and skin of earbud housing see them catching your eyes?

Are you looking for the stylish earbuds with a good sound quality? Or even with the same sound of quality but one with more attractive style, color and design will be more likely to take your actions.

Because your favorite colors are varied, so we consider some factors such as the design of earbud tips and the buds, wire and material.

They may be simple but elegantugly but with good quality but dont mind, we are picking up the best earbuds for design with a good quality.

>> Grain Audio IEHP.01(see full review)

 ProductPageIEHP5_1024x1024 According to Grainaudio, they wanted to make earbuds which deliver perfect sound and well design.  The material chosen to make earbuds for this purpose is wooden, in combination with the silicon ear tips givig the comfort to wearers. The simple design of ear tips, a little wooden container of earbud cases make it the winner of Reddot 2014-Product Design.

>>BOSE FreeStyle™ earbuds

  Bright, mixed-color cables and fashionable style, creative and energetic are rewarded to Bose FreStyle. The earbud tip design was patented by Bose, which fit securely. This would be suitable for young or for some have an active lifestyle.


  The stylish and bassy sony earbuds, Sony-MDRXB50 is one of the best earbuds under $50 for bass head. It would be ranked for the finest and purest design, especially for men. Wearing the SONY-MDRXB50AP definitely makes you more comfortable while walking on the street. The metal coated on the back is the point most people like this and the design is simple but stands out from the crowd.DISCOUNT PRICE

The fashion earbuds are selected from hundreds of colorful, stylish earbuds.  Some earbuds look classic, some are following the fashion trend.

You always can pick best ones from this list.



 Updated on 12/18/2014

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