Best Earbud Cases To Keep Your Earbuds Neat -
Best Earbud Cases To Keep Your Earbuds Neat

Best Earbud Cases To Keep Your Earbuds Neat

You have a really good pair of earbuds and they often get damaged or lost since you stuff them in your pant pocket (when you pull them out the cable may detach from inline volume control or earbud housing) or simply leave them somewhere. You could ask “How Can I Stop Losing and Breaking My Earbuds?” The answer is simple. Using earbud cases to keep your earbuds safe and tangle-free.

You randomly leave earbuds somewhere and in the worst case its got broken by someone stepping on it. There are some travel pouch that you can keep your earbuds neatly and safe in cases without getting tangled or knotted when carrying them around. And most importantly, you don’t have to buy new earbuds again when the older ones is damaged because you don’t have cases to store them.

Earbud cases are varied in design, colors and materials. Some of them even have waterproof feature. The materials are soft fabric, durable silicon or hard shell. Together with earbuds,  you can even put your mp3 player, smartphones, adapter, earbud tips in there. Keeping your expensive earbuds safe by properly storing them in earbuds cases is the best way to make your earbuds last longer.

Considering the quality, prices and intelligent design of earbuds cases, I narrowed it down to 3 products that offer true quality to keep your earbuds safe. The Nest Earbud Case offers brilliant ideas of keeping your earbuds stay neat and well organized without getting knotted. These earbud cases would the a surprised gift for your friends’ who have earbuds. Two other types with soft case and hard case with unique styles will help your earbuds well protected.

Here are some of the best earbud cases on the market.

Waterproof Earbuds Cases/Travel Pouch: Available in red, blue, black and white this waterproof earbuds case protects your expensive earbuds from damaging. The case dimension (8.7*6.9*4.9cm) are enough for all earbud accessories like eartip, Shirt-clip. 

Leather Earbuds Case

How to use Nest earbud Case will be explained in this video

Rating  4.6/5 Stars  4.3/5 Stars  42./5 Stars
Reviews  145  36  87
Weight  less than 1 pounds  Less than 1 pounds  Less than 1 pounds
Design/materials  Soft and durable Silicon  Soft and durable material  Nylon covered hard plastic shell
Durability  Good  Good  Good
Price   $9.99  $7.0 $4.39

Normally, some high end earbuds are supplied with a manufacture travel pouch, however if you are interested other options, a hard shell case for example, there are also some interesting earbuds cases you should also check out.

JLAB JPTC93 Earbuds Travel Case, you probably read our 10 best cheap earbuds to buy in 2014 list, this earbud case is used for Jlab earbuds in the list, but it can use for other earbuds as well.

LAB JBDCS Earbuds Travel Case

CASEBUDi – Small case for your Earbuds or small Bluetooth headset-Black, Soft and rounded case with clip.

CASEBUDi – Small case for your Earbuds, nice design

Arkansas State Red Wolves BudBag Earbud Storage

Not for just earbuds, it can be store small items.

How about a leather case

Earbuds travel pouch

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