Best Earbud Cases To Keep Your Earbuds Neat

A carrying case helps store your earbuds neat!

If you have Bluetooth earbuds – a carrying case that can charge your earbuds on the go is a good choice.

Why you need a carrying case?

Some parts of earbuds are fragile and because they are small they may get lost.

Pan pockets are not good places to stuff earbuds – A good chance that you pull them out with a fraying cable or a mess – tangle cables. Well I have a lot of time and I can resolve it quickly, lol.

A carrying case is not a small stuff, you will notice it and won’t leave it else where.

Earbuds will last longer if they are stored properly.

A good casing case?

Earbud cases are now greatly varied in design, colors and materials.

They have waterproof feature, built with soft fabric, durable silicon or hard shell.

They even have room for other handsets like Mp3 Player, Smartphone, adapter.

Here are a couple of my recommendations for carrying cases – good price, quality and nice design you can pick.

The Nest Earbud Case offers brilliant ideas of keeping your earbuds stay neat and well organized without getting knotted. They were on market quite long time ago, but still a good to go.

Hard-shell carrying case from KZ – A Chinese Brand

Waterproof Earbuds Cases/Travel Pouch: Available in red, blue, black and white this waterproof earbuds case protects your expensive earbuds from damaging. The case dimension (8.7*6.9*4.9cm) are enough for all earbud accessories like eartip, Shirt-clip. 

Transparent rock-solid shell case

Another Case from KZ the Leather Earbuds Case

Normally, some high end earbuds are supplied with a manufacture travel pouch, however if you are interested other options, a hard shell case for example, there are also some interesting earbuds cases you should also check out.

A Case That Can Charge Your Bluetooth Headphones On The Go

If you have a pair of wired wireless Bluetooth earbuds – a case with powerbank to charge your earbuds (even your phones) is a neat organizer to stuff in your backpack.

For instance, this 2000mAh stockproof, waterproof case – it works perfectly with any sports Bluetooth earphones – Jaybir, Beats PowerBeats, Mpow Flame, Bose SoundSport, LyreBeats-S1.

Or SoundPEATS Charging Case has 545mAH built in battery that can recharge your earbuds 10 times.

JLAB JPTC93 Earbuds Travel Case

Check out 10 best cheap earbuds to buy in 2019 list, this earbud case comes with Jlab earbuds.

LAB JBDCS Earbuds Travel Case

CASEBUDi – Small case for your Earbuds or small Bluetooth headset-Black Soft and rounded case with clip.

CASEBUDi – Small case for your Earbuds, nice design

Arkansas State Red Wolves BudBag Earbud Storage

Not for just earbuds, it can be store small items.

How about a leather case

Earbuds travel pouch

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