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Bluetooth Soundbars are not just long considered as home theater systems, but can stream audio content wirelessly from your devices. There are many great Bluetooth soundbars in the market, and opinions may be varied on which one is the best of all, but whether they come with a wireless subwoofer or not, it does’t not let you to set up a complicated home theater system with  a separate AV receiver.  In this article, we have found some that are bound to give you optimal performance relative to the price range. Are you ready? Here goes…


Yamaha YAS-X3 Bluetooth Soundbar

When it comes to getting a product that hits the sweet spot between audio prowess and price, the Yamaha YAS-203 is the soundbar of choice. This product is available for $350 – $400, which is a bargain once you realize what you are getting for that price. The YAS-203 expertly combines superb features with superior design and amazing sound quality. It is also quite simple and easy to set up as a home cinema upgrade.

Another cool thing about the YAS-203 is the inclusion of dedicated input LED lights for all the four input buttons. The LEDs indicate the surround sound, the source, and data such as Dolby or DTS coding from the source device.

The YAS-203 not only supports Dolby (which the other sound bars also have), but also incorporates DTS, which without question makes it more suitable for movie playback. The YAS-203 also supports Bluetooth with AptX, which virtually guarantees you top quality wireless connections for use with your mobile device, note that non-aptX devices will not get this benefit. If wires are your thing, then you also have the option of using its coaxial digital and optical connections, not to mention a pair of stereo RCA jacks.

The YAS-203 also incorporates an IR (infrared) repeater at the back of the unit. How does this help you? Well, the 203 is about 3 ½ inches high, which means that it will block the IR sensor for most TVs. However, Yamaha has solved that little problem by using the IR repeater to make sure that signals from your remote are still able to get to the sensor via the IR repeater at the back of the sound bar unit. All you have to do to activate it is to hold down a corresponding key on the remote for 3 seconds.

The upper and midrange sound quality is spectacularly brilliant, presenting a neat and accurate touch to musical and dialogue instrumentation. In other words, you will be able to experience special effects like sprinkling of broken glass or footsteps on gravel as if you were in the scene itself. It has this distinct ability to precisely separate the upper and mid ranges, keeping them separately like fire and ice. The treble is smooth and clear, while the bass provides balanced yet powerful output.


best yamaha bluetooth soundbar

The Yamaha YSP-2500 incorporates sound-projection technology that will impress even the most critical audiophile. This is an awesome designed soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer, all for the princely sum of $1200.

In terms of build and design, the YSP-2500 is a sleek and slim device with an impeccable finish. It has 16 integrated speakers that are hidden beneath a grille, each boosted by 2W of amplification power. It has a remote repeater that helps the infrared signal to reach the TV in case the soundbar blocks the remote sensor. A virtual 5.1 surround environment is created by a unique feature called delay control, which enables sound beams to be directed and bounced off the walls.

In terms of sound effects, the YSP-2500 offers great accuracy, and sounds such as dialogue, footsteps, and bullets can be tracked as they move around the screen. Songs that are streamed over Bluetooth maintain their melodic tunes and solid vocals, and the YSP-2500’s stereo mode can be used if you want to get tighter musical beats.

The remote is well designed, providing you with a superior feel that has the right weight and size. Compared to other manufacturers, this remote’s logical placement of buttons leaves the rest in the dust.


Sony Bluetooth Soundbar

With the HT-CT770, Sony has managed to claw its way back into the home audio segment. Presenting a stylish design, impeccable audio performance, and innovative features, this soundbar is definitely worth its $450 price tag.

The structural design is in the form of a diamond shaped bar with smooth silver edges that take up quite some space. The Sony HT-CT770 comes in at a whopping 40+inches, which is the longest sound bar we’ve seen. You can choose to either lay it flat or prop it up vertically. The back panel has an array of ports, which include a digital optical input, 3 HDMI inputs, a 3.5mm analogue input, and an Arc HDMI output.

The subwoofer is a simple black cabinet that has no outer controls apart from the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons. The sub also has a speaker beneath it. Other accessories include the well-known Sony remote, attachable wall brackets, manual, optical cables, and a pair of batteries.

The performance of the CT770 is amplified by its affinity for clear and detailed sounds. Every little movement or sound effect, whether in a movie or music, is amplified with a deft and keen touch. Small variations in the dialogue of movies are considerably highlighted, making you feel as if you are in the same room as the movie characters. The upper ranges are tight and abrasive, while the mid ranges are bit subtle. This soundbar has the ability to balance out loud excessive boom effects while highlighting small audio details like falling bricks. Music playback is included in the CT770’s repertoire, with clear trebles and midranges. One drawback is the subwoofers accuracy on some tracks, especially the bass and midranges. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about.


Pioneer Bluetooth Soundbar

The Pioneer SP-SB03 speaker base was designed by the legendary Andrew Jones, who is well known for delivering excellent sound quality for an affordable price. This soundbar retails at $350, and is a huge machine. Though it may be a bit pricier than similar pedestal-style stands, it is definitely worth it.

Sound quality for both movie and music mode is excellent, with no compromise given to favor either mode. It offers a one-cable connection to a TV and also a Bluetooth connection. The sound range is excellent and dynamic, with the subwoofer giving out an impressive bass quality.

It has a small front panel that incorporates a couple of LED keys for indicating the analogue, digital, sound mode and Bluetooth connectivity. This soundbar is a true monster, measuring 28 inches wide, 4.75 inches tall, and 16 inches deep. It makes other soundbars within this price bracket look like play things.

Looking at the features of the SP-SB03, we find 4 discrete speakers. There are 2 four-inch woofers beneath the base, 2 three-inch midrange drivers, and 2 tweeters. These are all driven by a 160W amp. The one big drawback with the SP-SB03 is that it does not sound as good with movies as it does with music.


JBL Bluetooth Soundbar

When you look at the JBL Cinema SB400, you will instantly realize that you are not dealing with an ordinary soundbar. The elegance and tailoring; the speaker floating in the surround; and the contrasting silverfish finish are all indicators of the quality of this device.

This $650 soundbar comes with a number of options in terms of connectivity. While other manufacturers just incorporate a single HDMI input, the JBL offers you three; ARC input, optical digital input, and a 3.5 mm auxillary jack.

The JBL SB400 does not have any LED indicators on the front panel, so the only way to communicate is via the HDMI display on the screen. The buttons available are just for activating Bluetooth, selecting input, and alternating between music and movie sound modes.

The sound performance is great, producing a spacious and open sound quality that will not have any problems filling the room. The subwoofer gives off distinct rumbling and authoritative background sound when watching your favorite flicks. When it comes to music, the SB400 can stream audio via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy deep basslines and defined dynamics. Listening to music in movie mode gives you a small boost in terms of sound width, though this tends to result in loss of audio focus.

Setting up home theater system is quite complicated, but setting up it with a Bluetooth soundbar is a simple task and that is a great option to upgrade TV’s audio.

What to consider when buy a Bluetooth soundbar

  • Room size plays a key role to select a Bluetooth Soundbar, if your room is around 12 by 18 feet these systems work best for both sound effects and music. Room size and volume capability are also in co-relation.
  • They are for both music and movies, or for just one of those. Most Bluetooth soundbars are designed for music and movies, sure you spend a lot of time to listen to music from soundbar, and since most music recordings today doesn’t require deep-bass effects like in movies, these long soundbars will be great for music. Bluetooth soundbar subwoofer will be responsible for low-frequencey effects, this is in great demand for movies that require deep bass in order to let viewers more engaged in the scene.

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