Best Bass True Wireless Earbuds

Since early date of TWS, connection stability, battery life and sound are mainly issues for these ear-worn devices, until recently all issues seems to be addressed and fixed, audio makers now focus on how their product sound, and bass is the area that make sense.

Best sounding earbuds aren’t necessarily boosted with rich, strong bass. If you are looking for a bass monster true wireless, there you are.

Mid-bass, sub-bass, high-bass, bass extension and bass enhancement by app are a lot to learn if you are looking for a set of TWS earbuds.

The bass accuracy is also important to evaluate how well the buds reproduce the low end.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro

This is the most recent pair I reviewed, they offer great bass presentation. Say, rumbling, crisp and impactful that’s all senses I could think of.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro gain the bass level that top dog like WF-1000XM3 is unmatched.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Truly Wireless

Though this pair doesn’t pump as much bass as other competitors, it sounds most accurate for this range.

The bass remains the place it should be and the Buds+ does it brilliantly for not overwhelming other ranges.

Skullcandy Indy Fuel Truly Wireless

I hate to say that the Skullcandy Indy Fuel is Airpods clone – but actually it looks more sporty with earhooks and the great bass accuracy makes it more appealing if you look for AirPods alternative. The bass is punchy enough and make a lot of sense without loading a lot of boomy and muddy sound.

Powerbeats Pro

Earhooks for sports, strong bass – these could be the boost for your gym sessions

Apple with their Bluetooth processor implementation just makes the Beats’ bass better, Powerbeats is not longer loaded with a plenty of bass, instead they are more characterized sub-bass which is fairly extended, the amount of bass, crispness also improve. It’s safe to say Powerbeats Pro is the best bass TWS sports earbuds.

Being great bass without mentioning the bass reproduce – which is highly accurate.

WF-XB700 True Wireless Earbuds

IPX4 rating, 9 hours of playback, stable Bluetooth connection, but its size may not be for you and they are less secure than PowerBeats Pro

Though bass is punchy the I feel the WF-XB700 lacks in bass extension that I easily notice when listening music with Powerbeats Pro

Mpow T5/ M5

Focusing solely on bass may not work for any earbuds, but Mpow T5/ M5 are capable of big, massive bass while maintaining treble and mid-range in correlation. The bass is punchy, rumbling and aroused without showing a much of it. If you prefer something deeper go for Tranya T3 or more sporty option like Mpow Flame Pro

Kinera YH623

Your first try with this pair could be a full load of bass both quality and quantity, mid-range and even mid-treble are overshadowed, clarity vailed by that powerfulness.

If what you look for is just bass, the Kinera YH623 certainly will top this list, otherwise Samsung Galaxy Buds+ having a similar look are better for everything.

Sabbat E12 Ultra

Sabbat’s bass -heavy bass true wireless earbuds, they are not quite for sports

I recently hand-on and reviewed the IEMs style the Sabbat E12

With huge sound-stage the bassy sounding profile the Sabbat E12 Ultra would be in your shortlist.

If you are on a budget, which bass earbuds should you get?

I have been searching for a couple of cheap ones for testing but its seems EarFun Free – which offers a decent bass – hard to be categorized as bass-enhanced earbuds. Another is TRANYA B530 – this pairs got a tight, controlled bass not that plenty or sub-bass pronounced.

SoundPeats TrueFree and Mpow Flame Pro share similar sound signature, and they are all good for heavy-bass music. But Mpow Flame Pro looks PowerBeats Pro with earhooks – if you look a set for running, it’s best suited.

Mpow Flame Pro’s quick specs

  • CVC8.0 and 4 mics are great for calls
  • AptX support
  • Wireless charging case
  • 12.4mm dynamic drivers deliver strong, punchy bass
  • 8 hours playback time

If you have any recommendation please comment below.

If not about that bass, you would also consider wireless charging, comfort and secure fit these earbuds offer. All these pairs’ battery life is quite solid, I don’t have to recharge them often. The lasting it’s about the fit and seal if the earbuds don’t perfectly fit into your ears you won’t get the bass level it would achieve.

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