Best Airpods Covers

In this post I cover usable, clever accessories of Airpods

Airpods silicon covers

Airpods covers are not only the protector but provide a more secure fit.

So far Apple Airpods have been the most advanced set of true wireless earbuds and they are super lightweight and comfortable to wear – and to keep that shape earbuds attach to no accessories. That mean they are vulnerable if dropped and someone steps on them. This also opens up a market for Airpods’ accessories.

Wing tips – Wing tips are more tricky to fit into your ear, but if you get a right size running will Airpods are more confident.

Apple doesn’t advertise their Airpods as sport headsets but they confirm users can even wear it for dancing.

But if I run with Airpods – though I don’t feel it there but once my ears start sweating it may fall out.

The wing tips may be good for running and you get snug fit that seal more sound in.

In my post – replacement earbuds tips, I recommended a few airpods tips (earpods covers)

Meanwhile here are a couple of options for you to choose from, best yet? No

Silicon or rubber wing tips aren’t great but they work and choose the case that doesn’t hurt your ears – that’s enough

SoftCONNECT foam eartipds for Airpods

Airpods with Comply foam covers

To increase the sound isolation and give your Airpods a more secure fit

EarBuddyz 2.0 Airpods Covers

It is like a jacket worn on your Airpods

But with wingtips secure earbuds in place it will be more fun while you work out or do any active move.

Come with 3 sizes, the cover is comfortable to wear and one more thing I about it, the sound of my Airpods become a bit warmer because this cover helps improve the noise isolation.

Using EarBuddyz 2.0 isn’t without a hassle that after a listening session you put it back to charging case you have to remove the cover.

AhaStyle 3 Pairs Covers

Keeping the Airpods in the ear is tough if you run or do intense activities because they don’t have any tips or earhooks whatsoever. The AhaSyle offers a solution – a silicon jacket for Airpods – you have to option one with eartips and other without. Either improves the fit and sound of Airpods.

The first option is a bit more stylish but it works the same way as EarBuddyz 2.0 does.

The other option is the AhaStyle Silicone Ear Hooks with better noise isolation. This is translated to better bass performance of Airpods.

SoftRound 24

These foam tips are my least favorite option – because they don’t fit well my buds, catch dust.

Silicon cover

This could be the simplest cover – just one size it is easy to wear on your airpods. These covers are transparent or black, red, white, etc. And you don’t have to remove it to fit the carrying case.

Last but not least, the AirPod Skins Protective Wraps 

If you don’t want to change the original sound curve of Airpods, go for this option.

It doesn’t product on the top of Airpods but the lower part that holds battery and connection stuff.

What else?

Airpods aren’t cheap, if you can afford it then why not invest a case cover to prolong its lifetime.

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