Beats Flex Vs. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

Apple iPhone 12 lineup won’t include power adapters and EarPods wired earbuds, Apple offers an alternative for EarPods – the Beats Flex.

Beats Flex are Apple’ first Bluetooth earbuds with a USB-C connector, they are fairly cheap, entry-level earbuds for both Android and iOS users.

Beats Flex sound better than BeatsX – Beats’s aging neckband Bluetooth headphones, AirPods true wireless and another competitor the – Bullets Wireless Z that we’re going to compare.

Head to head comparison between Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs. Beats Flextwo neckband Bluetooth earbuds which one is better?

We compare those two pairs: price, specs, sound quality and call quality performance.

Round – winnerOneplus Bullets Wireless ZBeats Flex
Driver Configurationø9.2mm DD, larger driver size supposedly more punchy bass but it’s not in this case ø8.2mm DD, smaller driver but Beats Flex have better sound quality
Sound quality
Bass less crisp than Beats Flex. Not as clean as the Beats Flex, mid-range is also less pronounced
Clear, pleasant to listen to, balanced sound, tight bass, airy treble, spacious and open sound. Less dynamic than sports earbuds
Fit and ComfortPlastic earpieces, 28 grams18.6 g, lighter on the neck, earbuds feel weightless in the ear.
Sweet resistant and sport feature IPX5 ratingNot specified
Control customizationTouch control – NoTouch control – No
Transparancy modeNoNo
Call qualityGood call quality, comparableClear voice call, with reasonable noise reduction capacity.
Bone conduction techNoNo
Surround Sound FeatureNoNo
AppsNoBeats app for Android users
Battery life20 hours – longer12 hours
Bluetooth stabilityBluetooth v5.0 QCC3024 chipset, not support AptX, 100ms Low-Latency ModeApple W1- Bluetooth v4.2
In ear detection to pause/play musicNoNo
MultipointYes – 2 devices, also known as Quick Switch feature No for Android, Yes for iOS devices
Quick charging10 min of charging gives 10 hour of listening time10 min of charging gives 1.5 hours of listening time
Comparison table Beats Flex Vs. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z


The new released Beats Flex is priced for $49, Bullets Wireless Z is a bit more expensive.

Winner: Beats Flex

Fit and Comfort

Beats Flex’s flat cable makes them more stylish

Even though, the Wireless Z earbuds housings are a bit larger they are still very comfortable to wear and they even sit more securely in the ear than Beats Flex earbuds. I prefer the Wireless Z since Beats Flex sometimes slip out.

Winner: Draw


Both earbuds can magnetically clip together, they feature eartips for sound isolation.

Beats Flex features flat cable more sporty, flashing design.

Bullets Wireless Z’s neckband appears to be more sturdy and thicker and it sits on the neck more even than Beats Flex

Winner: Draw

Music pauses when earbuds clip together

The Beats Flex gets an nifty feature that when earbuds clip together it automatically pauses your music, and if you take them back in the ear they will resume the music. This feature relies on the magnetic mechanism rather than built-in sensor for in ear detection. The Bullets Wireless Z’s pause/resume feature when earbuds magnetically snap together/release only work with OnePlus 5/5T – to active go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Earphone mode.

Sound Quality

Beats Flex sounds definitely better overall, bass performance is stronger.

Winner: Beats Flex

Call Quality

Both have clear voice call, with reasonable noise reduction capacity Beats Flex supported by Apple W1 noise reduction tech while the Wireless Z supported by Qualcomm QCC3024’s cVc Tech.

Winner: Draw

Which One Should You Buy?

In terms of features, Wireless Z have better quick charge and multipoint features. It also have solid call performance and while their sound isn’t on par with Beats Flex, their neckband construction is more solid and durable, so if you need a pair for the sound pick Beats Flex otherwise Wireless Z is also great for features packed in and appealing design.

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