Baseus Encok W17 Are Just For Sports Nothing Else

Single Microphone + øNA Dynamic Drivers

Just tested Baseus Encok W17 sports earbuds that my friend recently purchased, he looked for a pair for walking to office and running. His top priority – secure fit with earhooks, good sound. This pair turned out giving 75 % of what he needs for sound, it doesn’t sound good as expected.

My friend was satisfied with the fit – earhooks over the ear

Baseus Encok W17 sound like earbuds included with your phone

Sound signature: I have no idea how to pick its sound signature, but neutral in a sense that it’s.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Earhooks for sports work flawlessly
  • Wireless charging case
  • Cheap


  • Comfort and Fit: 8.0
  • Bass: 6.0
  • Mid-range: 6.0
  • Treble: 6.0
  • Bluetooth stability: 8.0
  • Sport feature: 8.0
  • Call quality: 5.5
  • For gaming and watching video: 6.0
  • Sound signature: NA


  • Subpar sound
  • Hit and miss touch control


6.5 Baseus Encok W17

Baseus Encok W17 come packed with a lot of features – wireless charging, touch control, waterproof IPX55 and sports earhooks but their mediocre sound and call quality making it’s just for sports other than other things like watching movies or truly enjoying music.

Package & Accessories – 6/10

  • Charging cable Type-C
  • 2 pairs of eartips
  • A pair of earhooks
  • A pair of Baseus Encok W17
  • User manual
  • A charging case

Battery life – 6.5/10

Our battery test: the Baseus Encok W17 can last for approximately 5 hours. No fast charging included. The charging case can provide additional 24 hours for earbuds – To accommodate the earbuds with earhooks, the charging case is big, not pocket friendly size, feel cheap with small button to check the case’s battery level.

Huge wireless charging case

Pairing – 8/10

Quite simple, just open your phone Bluetooth settings to pair.

Design And Build Quality – 7.0/10

Without eartips, and earhooks the buds looks like this

Rubberized jacket with earhooks and the sound chamber is a copy of Beats.

Though earbuds include touch control but it isn’t responsive.

Comfort & Fit – 8.0/10

Baseus Encok W17 with and without earhooks

Earbuds are pretty lightweight, earhooks for sports and quite comfortable to wear whether you have earhooks or not. The eartips typically cover entire head of earbuds they are not regular eartips that fit earbuds’ nozzle.

Eartips that cover the head of earbuds

Call Performance – 6.0/10

Baseus Encok W17’s mic position

These earbuds don’t filter out the noise well, it’s passable if you take calls in quiet environment, if it’s in noisy gym or street callers won’t hear you clearly.

Sound Quality – 6.0/10

My initial impression about Baseus Encok W17 is just like I’m listening to cheap wired earbuds’ sound with bloating bass which I immediately notice.

Bass is quite weak and bloating, mid-range is nothing special a bit forward, high-treble seems not to exist. It’s fine for sports earbuds.

I tried various tracks to find any positive signs about their sound, eventually I think it gets fairly good sound stage.

Baseus Encok W17’s spec

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Driver size: NA size, dynamic driver
  • Touch control
  • IPX55 rating
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Wireless charging case
  • Colors: black, white

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