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Yet! You are looking for a new set of earbuds, but feel bored of the plastic earbuds. Want to experience something different? how about wooden earbuds. You know a lot of musical instruments made of wood instead of plastic because this material is able to produce the unique sounds. How does the wood make the sound so different or it’s not just the material itself in the case of earbuds. Let’s find out.

DZAT DF-10 Wood Earbuds

The earpieces have impressive finish with authentic look of wood. 

The DZAT DF-10 are best sounding wood earbuds we’ve tested under $50, with well-balanced bass, present mid and impressive highs. The bass feel added some ohms but under the control in terms of crispness. The mid-range is highly pronoucned all times. The treble is clear and detailed, but sometime overly reach to the level of sharpness. The overall sound signature tends to emphasize on bass and treble so it is rated as V-shaped earbuds. 


Grain audio first introduced the IEHP – Wooden In Ear Headphones back in 2014. This is earbuds of the project successfully funded by kickstarter. The project reached the goal on May 6, 2013 and the first batch has been produced with IEHP.01


The large wire diameter may reduce the rate of knotting and tangles, In this case you will see at IEHP.01

According to Grainaudio, they wanted to make earbuds, which deliver perfect sound as well as design. The simple and classical design with wooden housings brought about the reward as the winner of Reddot 2014-Product Design.

Pros: Light weight, the IEHP offers clear and deep sound. IEHP.01 was tested with various tracks, even typically played at the high volume level, the sound was not noticed a distortion while keeping the sound quality good, but not very clear. Moreover, IEHP.01 can satisfy ones who like bass experiences though it’s not powerful as Sony MDR XB90EX. It is fairty good for noise-isolation as you know most earbuds on the market have these kind of ear tips. 

Cons: In term of purity, the sound of these earbuds does not meet expectation. And the earbud housing is a little long making it unstable in your ears for running, or excercising–it’s not a sport gear. So if you have an active life, I wouldn’t recommend. Housings constructed of FSC Certified Walnut with hand-applied oil finish, do you expect to have the whole case made of wood? For some reasons it’s not.

Bring the acoustic music to your ears, comfortable wear, case constructed with FSC Certified Walnut. Would this be the newborn of earbuds?

Technical Features

>> 2x8mm proprietary loudspeakers featuring Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil. Inline mic and remote, TPE jacketed cable, 3.5mm jack and 1.5m cord length.

In the box

>> There is 4 pairs of eartips with different sizes, Inline remote and mic, documentation and brand book and soft carrying case.
GRAIN AUDIO IEHP Earbuds. This is highly recommended for those who love acoustic music and like the wooden earbuds.  The wooden cases will boost the audio quality, give you richer sound, and bring about a different taste of music.

Even with some drawbacks, with unique design and typical sound, IEHP.01 was highly recommended for those of you who want try experience with in-ear “musical instrument”.

Final thoughts

Review from “Unlike the ubiquitous white iPod earbuds, the design Grain Audio’s in-ear headphones are stylish without being ostentatious. It starts with its gray cables which blend and complement well with most dark business casual outfits. If they impress onlookers on the street or subway, it’ll be due to the solid wood housing. You can even impress curious strangers by saying the wood is FSC-certified.”

If you look for other alternative? Look at the competition

JVC KENWOOD Earbuds In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850: Great sound – V-shaped sound signature, but very expensive 

Marley wood earbuds: What we like are small size and cheap price tag, for the sound they are worth an upgrade from your included earbuds with your phone.

Griffin Beech WoodTones Earbuds: Look smaller Marley earbuds because their drivers are smaller only 8mm. But those two pair have the same sound signature

Thinksound ms01: Touch the high build quality. Warm sound, great mid-range and strong bass.

Authentic Awei ES-Q5 Wooden earphones: Super cheap, strong bass only. 

Maxell Digital Mahagany Wood Earbuds: Cheap, easy to break.

Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood Earbuds: Not for small ear, average build quality, cheap price. 

FSL xylem wooden earphones: Mic and button to take calls.

Sentry HO470 wooden earbuds: Integrated with 10mm drivers, these earbuds have powerful bass perforamnce.

Updated on 05/20/2018
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