Top Five Great Around-Neck Design Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds/Headsets -
Top Five Great Around-Neck Design Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds/Headsets

Top Five Great Around-Neck Design Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds/Headsets

Around the neck bluetooth headphones have a lot of advantages but what are the best and why audio makers come up with this design?

With current 2.4 GHz Wireless TECH, it is not impossible to make totally cordless Bluetooth earbuds–2 separated pieces worn on each ear, which is capable of creating stereo sound.  There are a plenty of true wireless earbuds available such as Samsung Gear IconX, Bragi Dash, Apple Airpods and Earin and they arent’ without a flaw.

Meanwhile, most Bluetooth earbuds you’ve seen today require a cable, or a band that fits around the neck or even behind the head to connect to two wired earbuds. For those of you who are familiar with around-neck design, I can’t fail to mention, LyreBeats-NB1, BeatsX, LG Ultra Tone Series and Sony SBH70.

Here’s our comparison table about the features of these around neck/behind the neck wireless in ear headphones. Besides known features like the multipoint technology, which allows the headset to connect two devices at once, so you can switch back and forth between devices it paired with, they all have a longer playtime than average Bluetooth earbuds with a short cable.


Great neckband headphones for Apple devices.

  • Sporty design
  • Fit securely and comfortably
  • Great sound quality
  • 10 hours of battery
  • Natural sound with strong bass
  • Quick charge
  • Easy to pair with Apple devices

  • Long cable – bouncing while running

Sol Replublic Shadow

Offer the great build quality for the price

  • Cheap price

  • Bulky neckband
  • Not for sports
  • Average battery life

LG Ultra Tone Series Infinim

The design signature that persists

  • Retractable earbuds
  • Solid battery

Sony SBH70

If you don’t like the sound sealed in the ear

  • Well-designed

  • Not sound isolating

Bose QuietControl 30

The noise canceller

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Top the competion for best NC neckband Bluetooth headphone







Budget neckband headphones that provide the basic

  • Plenty of bass, clear treble and detailed mid-range
  • Great build quality for the money

Sony WI-C400 Wireless In-ear Headphones

Supported by Bluetooth 4.2, the Sony WI-C400 sounds good for a Bluetooth headphone. 

  • Excellent mid-range
  • Solid build quality
  • Bunch of color options
  • Long battery life up to 20 hours
  • Vibrate on calls
  • Comfortable
  • Strong, rich basss

  • No water-proofing feature

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless

Except the sound becomes less natural, you can find the sound of HD1 is pretty much the same as their wired companion Momentum in ear

  • Great build quality, leather neckband
  • Typical V-shaped sound signature strong bass and prominent treble

  • Bulky neckband
  • It is not designed for sports so no water-proofing feature

LEOPHILE EEL IP67 Waterproof Sports Neckband Bluetooth

  • Excellent water-proof feature
  • Long battery life
  • Stable Bluetooth connection

LG TONE Studio HBS-W120

The neckband that can work as a Bluetooth speaker

  • Can work as a Bluetooth speaker worn around the neck
  • Natural sounding headphone with clear treble
  • Decent earbuds performance: deep bass, no distortion, clear treble

  • Bulky for a neckband headphone

Note that the play time depends on the volume level. The more it plays loud, the less the battery life is


Sound signature: Balanced with a little bit bass boost.

Built with W1 Bluetooth chip BeatsX offer everything you need for your Apple device. It is a hybrid between regular Bluetooth earbuds and neckband bluetooth earbuds, which sounds great.


Sound signature: Plenty of bass, enhanced treble

This around the neck Bluetooth headphones offer more than what you would be expected for the money. It sounds good with a plenty of bass while maintain the clarity and detail of treble. The buds are metal-built and durable and sweat-proof.

The earhooks are easy to fix the position for a secure fit, and they are comfortable to wear too.

With 8 hours of battery and nifty feature – magnetically clip when not in use, this is the best budget option you could pick. The only thing we prefer if they have more stable Bluetooth connection and longer range of connectivity.


With built-in W1 chip developed by Apple, the BeatsX is an excellent around the neck Bluetooth headphones for iPhone users. The benefits of W1 is that it will let the headphone automatically pair with any Apple devices with the same cloud ID.

For the sound quality, the BeatsX sounds balanced and natural, thanks to the Apple audio engineer team.

Sol Replublic Shadow

Although the band is flexible, Replublic Shadow is not bendable and still bounces as you move. The AptX, as a part of marketing campaign of Bluetooth audio makers, promises a better sound quality compared to regular Bluetooth connection.

The Replublic Shadow’s sound quality is decent and priced afford-ably for a Bluetooth earbuds. Fans of Beat headphones may be disappointed since it is not a bass-focused earbuds. Despite the bass is deep and tight you still find it is quite heavy when playing R&B.

Is these earbuds designed for sports? not quite, you need to purchase the sport hooks if you tend to use these earbuds for running, working out or whatever sport that require earbuds fit securely in the ear.

LG Ultra Tone Series Infinim

This headset comes with retractable earbuds. The earbuds can retreat to their nests positioned on the band when not in use. Having this nifty feature, the cable has to be thin, which increase the chance that it is easy to break if you incidentally snag earbuds.

Unlike other LG Ultra Tone headsets, this latest LG headset doesn’t feature active noise cancelling feature.

They sound good and balanced over all ranges. The lows are decent and not that heavy like the Shadow. Its sound also emphasizes on the middle-range. Sound quality was rated possitively (PCmag rated it 3.5 stars and CNET rated it 4 stars).

In terms of feature, when the battery is low, the female voice will pop to tell you and it vibrates when there is a incoming call or you just step far from Bluetooth working range.

Sony SBH70

Without doubt, the Sony SBH70 is a very comfortable and ergonomic headphone. If not looking at the flexible neck band, the earbuds looks pretty much like Amazon premium earbuds, Sony STH30, or Apple earpods, which don’t have eartips and welcome ambient sound in. In other words, it lets the noise in and indeed does offer open sound stage.  If you feel uncomfortable with ear tip insertion, it’s a ideal choice.

It is waterproof with IPX rated as 5-7, but you can not use it in swimming pool, jut light rain.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the sound quality, the SBH70 would need to do a lot to catch up with LG Infinim. The lows represents pretty the same as LG, but mids and highs are not equal and don’t sound smooth.

Moto Surround


Moto Surround

The latest in ear headphones of Moto is available on the Bluetooth market. The neck band seems most likely to contour well around the neck. By design as it’s said “engineered for sound and designed for comfort, the Moto stay evenly on the neck, now matter how fast you walk. It is waterproof too, but even so sport enthusiasts may find the band is a nuisance since the Moto Surround is not appropriate for exercise except running or biking.


If you don’t like around-neck design, check out best bluetooth earbuds–with only a cable to connect 2 earbuds.

Published on 05/10/2018

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