Apple May Implement New Features to Airpods

Airpods (and Airpods Pro) have already won the design, sound category and seamless experience for iPhone users. But with recent TWS released from Microsoft and Google, Airpods get a new type of competitors.

Earbuds will be integrated deeply with the company’s products.

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While the latest Samsung Buds+ with dual dynamic driver attempt to enhance the sound, Microsoft Surface Buds become an integral part of Microsoft’s products such as PowerPoint switcher function (recent update), Outlook e-mail reading and Google pixel Buds are supported by smart voice AI and Feature Drops.

At the beginning of an era of TWS there are myriad of issues related to software, notably connectivity issues and since no unified software so each manufacturer has to customize its own software based on the systems-on-chips (SoCs) in the Bluetooth processors. But unlike OS on laptop or mobile phone end-users can’t do any configurations with the software run on earbuds.

9to5google reports that Google Pixel Buds will get Feature Drops just like Pixel phones, it’s interesting that the earbuds have its own OS which audio manufacturers can utilize to add new features just by updating the software.

With that framework Google can perfect their buds overtime either making it better or fixing bugs.

We expect Google will roll out new helpful features every three months. Though Google has not yet confirmed the Feature Drops for Pixel Buds. Once Feature Drops are on Pixel Buds AI or EQ are probably the first features baked in the software.

Apple may have a different approach, according to DigiTimes, the future Airpods will be built with a light sensor that can make Airpods become a fitness tracker which reports step counter, HRM and other related health status.

The working principle is the same as Apple watch that the Airpods will measure the light absorbance. However moving sensors from the wrist to the ear may tell a different story since the size of earbuds are too small to host the sensor kit and the position in the ear can reduce the accuracy of measurements. It makes sense that PowerBeats Pro will be first introduced this health tracking feature.

The health tracking feature will arrive Airpods until 2021 at earliest and we’ll see what could true wireless earbuds do in the next couple of years which will set it apart from other.


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