Apple Is Ordered To Pay $9.75 Million To Powerbeats 2 Owners

The problem with PowerBeats 2 – the battery life is less than what Apple claimed, and the IPX rating is not as it is able to endure.

If you live in US and just bought a pair of wired wireless PowerBeats 2 before August 7th, you will be get a refund over a lawsuit – According to MacRumors claiming shoddy earbuds.

Apple in a law settelement has agreed to pay out $9.75 million to PowerBeats 2 users since their product fails to deliver the battery life and sweat resistant feature as specifed on the product.

PowerBeats 2 are good sports earbuds, released in 2014 – the same year Apple acquired Beats for 3 billion dollars.

How to claim your the payout?

Go to website:

The amount you will get back depending on a lot of factors, up to $189 per set. The numbers of users who make a claim, the proof of purchase and warranty of product will affect the payout amount.

PowerBeats 4 – the same form factor as PowerBeats 2 but with a bit adjustment in the place cable attaches to and the hardware

If you get the payout, you can buy the latest sports earbuds in PowerBeats series called Powerbeats High-Performance wireless earphones they are equipped with Apple H1 Headphone Chip, 15 hours of battery, IPX4 rating, and this time the product lives up according to their specs.

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