Apple cancels AirPower wireless charger and it is immediately copied

The LK-TE9 earbuds look and feel exactly Apple Airpods, but they are built with Airoha Bluetooth processor the 1526P instead of H1 chip developed by Apple.

A note about Apple Airpods 2 it is listed as the most advanced true wireless earbuds (TWS) and best sounding TWS on the market.

The earbuds supports both Android and iOS device, with NFC for Android once you open the carrying’s lid, the phone will pop up the pairing request.

The sound of these earbuds as expected, is more or less quite similiar to Airpods, badly. Features such as tap control and activating sire also work.

The good: the case supports wireless charging with included wireless charing mat and it get fully charged in 5 hours – a bit long for me though. The case can provides 4 time full charges for earbuds, and the earbuds have 38 mAh built-in battery that can power the earbuds 4 hours of listening

The bad: No quick charging, the earbuds get fully charged in 1 hours or more. The mat gets warm while charging.

Contol instructions

Touch the left/right earbuds twice to adjust the volume

Touch and hold L – earbuds 3s to skip song

Touch and hold R – earbuds 3s to go back the previous track

Tap 3 time on either L or R earbuds to activate Siri.

To answer/end call tap the L

While Airpods are expensive and their carrying case doesn’t support wireless charging – these replicas would be an alternative if you want to try things Apple failed to deliver.

This post is in my series about how far the replicas go from the original, authentic prodcuts.

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