AirPods Pro Vs. FreeBuds Pro Which Should You Buy?

Head to head comparison between AirPods Pro Vs. Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Dynamic noise cancellation will be a game changer for TWS?


Huawei just released their FreeBuds Pro which directly competes with Airpods Pro, and upcoming TWS for the top ANC performers.

We compare those two pairs: price, specs, sound quality and ANC performance.

Round – winnerAirPods ProHuawei FreeBuds Pro
1. Sound qualityAiry, detailed, clean sound with a pronounced bassSharing the same sounding profile as AirPods Pro, but with even more pronounced bass and less crunchy treble
2. Fit and ComfortEarpiece weighed 5.4 grams. Superb comfortable with eartips
Height: 30.9 mm
Width: 21.8 mm
Depth: 24 mm
Earpiece weighed 6.1 grams, a bit smaller eartips.
Height: 26 mm
Width: 29.6 mm
Depth: 21.7 mm
3. Sweet resistant and sport featureIPX4Not specified
4. ANCEffectively achieve NRR (noise reduction rate) 38 dB noise cancellation3 NC levels, claimed as industry leading that can cancel out the noise by 40 dB according to their internal testing.
5. Control customizationForce control – YesTouch control – No
6. Transparancy modeYesYes
7. Call qualitySolid call qualityOn par with AirPods Pro
8. Bone conduction techNoNo
9. Surround Sound FeatureYes for iOS with 14 spatial audioNo
10. GPSShow the location of last pairing – YesShow the location of last pairing – Yes
11. Battery lifeUp to 5 hours, with ANC, it’s shorter just 4.5 hours4 hours and 30 with ANC on
7 hours without ANC
12. Charging case45.6 grams, additional 24 hours for earbuds, wireless charging60 grams, larger than AirPods Pro’s charring case. The pairing button is on the side. Give 20 hours more of battery for earbuds, wireless charging/no wireless model
13. Bluetooth stabilityEquipped with H1 chip. Solid Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth 5.0Equipped with Kirin A1 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.2, solid Bluetooth connection
14. In ear detection to pause/play musicYesYes
15. Quick charging5 min of charging gives 1 hour of listening timeSimilar quick charging
Comparison table Airpods Pro vs. FreeBuds Pro


Both have close-design with eartips to seal the sound in, FreeBuds Pro appears with long stem as AirPods Pro but the stem is somewhat thicker and straight and easily to get noticed. Housings and nozzle design is different.

Active Noise Cancellation

FreeBuds Pro’s dynamic NC tech will automatically switch to different levels of NC (Cozy, General, and Ultra mode) depending on the environment but users can manually adjust NC level as well. This helps boost earbuds’ battery life. If you use them in office, the Cozy or General mode probably will be activated, which accounts for reduce the ambient noise 30% and 60% respectively, when operated at full capacity however in office you will still hear the human’s voice chatting. For commuting you can adjust the average volume level say 65% and use the dynamic NC for best listening experience.

AirPods Pro on the other hand won’t adjust the NC level automatically nor have they NC levels, but the NC is still as effective as FreeBuds Pro.

The transparency mode featured in both, with iOS 14 AirPods Pro will be able to enhance vocal quality as FreeBuds Pro – in other words both make quiet voice more edible.

Winner: Huawei FreeBuds Pro

Sound Quality

No significant difference between two pairs but the FreeBuds Pro’s high register tends to be a bit more pleasant to listen to.

Which One Is Better?

Huawei proves that their technology with their in-house Kirin chipset developed by HiSilicon take noise cancellation to a whole new level, with almost features and sound are the same as AirPods Pro, if you have Huawei phone such as Huawei P40 Pro you will get the seamless pairing experience as AirPods Pro and finally the price will be the last thing you will consider before weighing between these two pairs.

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