Best Apple AirPods Pro Case Cover

Airpods Pro aren’t cheap!

Fact: Airpods Pro case easily get scratched.

You may accidentally drop the charging case, earbuds.

Even you purchased AppleCare+

Replacements at no cost, but it takes time.

It’d be better to protect or customize it to your own style.

Here are a couple of options for your new Airpods Pro

1. Leather Airpods Pro Case 

Bring a classic look to Airpods Pro Case

2. Carbon Fiber Case

Well, a bit fiber as it looks

3. Silicon Case

Quite boring, but it’s functional

4. Transparent, Shockproof Case

Airpods Pro doesn’t lose its identity with this transparent case

5. Stylish, classic look leather case for Airpods Pro

Vintage style for Airpods it your outfit matches

6. Nomad’s brilliantly designed leather case

The idea behind the Nomad’s product is not just functional but adding something more premium to a tech item.

Nomads did it right by plastic shells and mirofiber coated inside to prevent scartching the Airpods’ case – dust or particles may be caught in and they fill in the microfiber.

The case is designed to let users interact with the charging case just like without being covering – the led-indicator shinning through, users can press the button on the back for pairing, wirelessly charged.

7. Ztotop Silicon Case

Silicone case seems to be a good fit for Airpods Pro, it’s flexible, easy to fit in and the most important things it protect your Airpods Pro’s case from scratching up.

The case has a neutral look, but it is functional. The wireless charging still work flawlessly and the LED front strikes through.

With 8 different color options, it’s quite easy to find the color of case to fit your outfits.

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