Amazon’s Best-Selling True Wireless Earbuds in 2021

Amazon’s Best Sellers in TWS Earbud 2021

Apple and Samsung are top players in $100 TWS earbuds market. TOZO has 3 best selling pairs and all of them have unique design and cost less than $40. They provide pretty basic features for listening music and calls, meanwhile the Occaim, MIFA are Powerbeats Pro clones which are designed for sports and VEATOOL are AirPods clones. Of these earbuds, only Airpods Pro have ANC feature.

Galaxy Buds+ and AirPods Pro both have ambient sound mode, a great feature allows users to hear what’s surrounding, they can hear their own voice when making calls or

AirPods and its clones have un-sealed design, and the others have sealed design with eartips. Most of them support wireless charging, IPX rating, and Bluetooth 5.0.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro top the list even it’s the most expensive. Apple AirPods Pro are great for a lot of things, design, ANC performance, transparency feature, spatial audio and sound quality. It’s hard to imagine Apple’s dominance in the TWS market with just a few years and they include almost advanced tech from others in such small products. Most importantly they did great.

AirPods Pro with eartips

2. Apple AirPods 2 with charging case

Iphone users crave for Airpods because it’s insanely simple to use. Apple building their own-developed chip into the AirPods really make a difference from poping up pairing to touch control, experience is very smooth and seamless.

AirPods – First gent with Apple W1 chip

3. Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging case

Airpods 2nd gen with charging case and Apple H1 chip

4. Tozo T6

Pretty basic, the T6 are small and they are every-day TWS. Except NC and transparency feature the T6 includes all feature you could think of, touch control, IPX8 rating, Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging case. The earbuds’ weight (4.5 grams) is almost the same as AirPods (4gram), so wearing the T6 are every comfortable and they are discreet without a stem.

The T60 don’t include advanced feature yet, if you just need a pair to replace your wired earbuds included with your phone the T6 will be promising.

5. Tozo T10

The T10 have similar look to T6, the T6 is a new version so they get more refined look, the T6 charging case are aslo better.

6. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The Galaxy Buds+ don’t come with ANC or anything but they offer great sound that’s other won’t beat off.

7. Veatool T16

8. Occiam T17

Veatool and T16 are pure PowerBeats Pro clone for cheap.

They are truly sports earbuds for those who are on tight-budget and want to experience big sound and sporty design.

9. Mifa X17

Mifa X17 long stem and buds housing are inspired by AirPods

This is best selling AirPods clones, their sound profile is quite similar though you will definitely find some and quality issues.

10. Tozo T12

The T12 last longer than T6 and go deeper in to the ear. The T12’s sound is richer in bass. They are fairly cheap and basic for everything – watching movies, making video calls and listening to music.

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