Airpods Pro 12 Things You Need To Know

Airpods true wireless earbuds are great!

Airpods Pro are some sort of.

I’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Airpods Pro true wireless earbuds.

1. Airpods Pro are noise isolating earbuds

Finally Apple released their first earbuds that seals the sound in with eartips.

Fitting: Airpods Pro eartips vs average eartips

The eartips are unlike other types of eartips you could find on the market. They fit in a short nozzle and with this design it is way more comfortable than earbuds with long nozzles because the eartips have a room to compress, putting less pressure into ear canals.

2. The Noise Cancelling Feature Does Work

A beautiful look inside the Airpods Pro

Top noise cancelling performers on the market are Bose QC 35 II and SONY WF-1000X M3 and they are over ear cans it’s unfair if we compare Airpods Pro with. But if we do head-to-head comparision with Bose QC 20 (wired in ear), Airpods Pro fall short. But the later’s noise cancelling performance is impressive, given its small size and Apple’s expertise in noise cancelling tech.

Each earbud packed in 3 microphones – Dual beamforming microphones including an external microphone (the feedforward microphone) and an internal microphone (the feedback microphone) for noise cancelling function and inward-facing microphone for calls. This, together with the H1 developed by Apple developed the H1 results in highly effective noise cancellation that Airpods Pro deliver.

3. Transparancy Feature

That’s when you want to hear the surrounding. Walking down on the street, loud music may distract you from danger, but with the transparancy feature switched on, it’s like you wear Airpods – which the music and the noise from environment mixed up.

4. Sound Quality Improvement

When the sound is sealed the ear in with eartips, it become richer and stronger. Airpods Pro’s bass is substantial together with the enrichment of sound and clarity, they best Airpods for the sound quality.

CNET editor, David carnoy concludes that the Airpods Pro doesn’t sound as good as Sony WF-1000XM3, which offer more pleasant sound that covers a wider range of frequencies.

5. The Same Bluetooth Processor As Airpods, the H1

The Bluetooth chip does the core functions of Airpods Pro, making it effortlessly pair with Apple devices. Apple’s principle engineering I think, their new products are always parts of their eco-system. Probably, the H1 has some spare functionalities that can track blood sugar levels, though Apple didn’t hint any details about this.

The Bluetooth connection is solid too.

6. Call quality is great!

While you are listening to your favorite track, you get a call.

Sometimes I have to switch the Bluetooth off on my phone to receive that call as usual, because the caller can’t hear my clearly that’s the problem of most Bluetooth earbuds today. Though some pairs are good for calls, I could name a few true wireless earbuds that can deliver the qualified performance, Airpods for instance.

7. It’s lightweight and superb comfortable to wear

It’s incredible that Airpods Pro – its size and weight can do a lot of feature. They are visible and have less toothbrush look than Airpods, but they still feel weightless in the ear.

Even with those who are not comfortable with eartips, Airpods Pro will convince that eartipds aren’t the bad thing!

8. Airpods Pro fit securely and Don’t bother for sports as Airpods

With eartips and ergonomic design that fit to most people’s ears the Airpods Pro stay put better than Airpods.

Jumping, running! no problem

Weight lifting! no problem either.

They won’t loosen.

9. Battery life isn’t the big thing

The AirPods Pro’s battery life isn’t stronger. Just 4.5 to 5 hours as Airpods and other competitors.

But you can easily check the battery life of each earbuds and the case by placing them near your device and open the case – your phone screen will show the animation.

10. A new, innovative force sensor is better than touch sensor

It’s more fun when you interact with AirPods Pro, that you use your thump and index finger to pinch the stem for noise cancelling activation and other things.

11. AirPods Pro Aren’t Cheap

Best cheap phones (such as Moto G7 Power) even cost less. The Pro lists for $249, a bit more expensive than $228.00 Sony WF-1000X M3 currently.

12. The Case can be Wirelessly charged

The Airpods version with wireless charging case costs $199, the Pro version charges $50 and it has that feature too.

Third-party wireless chargers like Anker PowerPort, Belkin Boost Up work great with Airpods Pro.

13. Spatial Audio (3D audio effect or surrounding sound feature)

 iOS 14 comes packed with the new Spatial Audio feature that allow AirPods Pro get virtual surround sound.

14. Pairing takes a couple of seconds

Just open the AirPods Pro’s case, and a notification popping up on your phone’s screen asking for pairing – once it’s paired with your phone, it will be paired with other devices that have the same iCloud account.


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