AirPods Earrings That Keep your AirPods Securely In Your Ear

You may have to remove your earrings while wearing Airpods, why not adding an accessory to your AirPods that works like earrings but hold the AirPods in place.

AirPods are so lightweight that if you add anything to hold it (more or less than 4grams) it wouldn’t be a problem.

Take a look at best design AirPods Earrings

Misho Designs

Pebble Pods cost $120.99 USD for a pair which is still 3 times less expensive than LV earrings for AirPods
Pebble Pods are made from 22K Gold Gloss or White gold and inspired by their besting selling Pebble rings.

The original idea come from the tech and fashion combination, that the earrings can provide a support to keep AirPods from falling out.

Also designed by Suhani Parekh, the founder and creative director MISHO, the Minimal/Active Tall Pods and Minimal/Active Tiny Pods are cheaper, inspired by the minimal lines.

Minimal Tall Pods

22k Gold Gloss AirPods Earrings

Minimal Tiny Pods – the simple

Bow earrings whether you’re running outdoor or being active

Credit image: – Another way to keep Airpods in place

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