Airpods Are Not The Best TWS

WTF! why a lot reviewers compare/refer new set of true wireless earbuds with Airpods. Well perhaps because of Aipods’ popularity but here are the reason I think they wouldn’t do that.

Airpods are smallest, when we compare things are not in the same size it is not unbiased.

Airpods are very lightweight and to keep that small size it minimizes the driver – the part the pushes air so user can hear the sound. I couldn’t say it is a trick rather Apple want to keep things as small as possible to fit anyone’s ears. Other true wireless earbuds tend to be larger so often their sound is more powerful than Airpods. 

But what Apple did surprised me, and a lot of reviewers that Airpods sound isn’t that bad. Picky ear think they sound good and first time users of course think Airpods sound great. 

Apple has an advantage that they design both hardware and app for their device so pairing Airpods with Iphone is incredibly simple. 

The Airpods design not just stylish but look very appealing in term of tech and lifestyle, I notice whether young or elderly man wear it. It look cool. 

Airpods are a bit headphones and a bit tech accessories, so when we talk about Airpods, just Airpods because of their unique design, tech and sound.

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