AirPlus 2 Teardown Reveals 30mAh Capacity Battery

AirPlus 2 is just another Airpods clone – a pair of compact and lightweight earbuds that greatly look like to AirPods. While the original uses 93 milliwatt hour battery, the clone seems to figure out the way to take advantage of battery design – ultra compact cylindrical lithium battery that fit perfectly to the stem, saving a lot of space for other components like drivers and Bluetooth modules.

Higher capacity battery compared to the real Airpods’ battery – model GOKY93mWhA1604

AirPluds 2 have SoC Bluetooth chipset Airoda AB1536U and 14.2mm dynamic driver, and the 30mAh capacity battery.

The charging case also support wireless charging and lightning port for wire charging.

AirPlus 2 are unsealed into the ear it has optical sensor for in-ear detection and touch control as AirPods.

AUCOPO ICR47250C1 battery model used in AirPlus 2: capacity 30mAh, diameter 4.7mm, height 25.0mm, rated voltage 3.8V, Max charge rate 3C, Max continuous discharge rate 1C.

This model also supports 3C fast charging and can stand to intense heat a plus for safety.

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