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The admin of The Best Earbuds.

My name is  Brooks (@Josiah_Br00ks) I had years of working in lab as a technician. I started The Best Earbuds in June 2014 when I found interesting articles about building websites, which really attracted me a lot. I like writing, learning some CSS, PHP, Html, Java and a little science in the headphones. All these thing motivated me start with TheBestEarbuds.com.

BrooksEarbuds/In ear headphones, over ear headphones, on ear headphones, and other kinds of headphones are getting more and more popular these days. There are thousands of headphones together with countless brands, which can make difficult for you to choose from. Which one is the most suited among them? This is what our website is built for. 

Searching on google probably by chance you eventually landed on my page, so Again Welcome To TheBestEarbuds.com. Hopefully, you can find your best headphones from reading the reviews and our TBEB Rating, our contributor’s experiences and other valuable sources (listed below) as well as user’s reviews.

Our contributors:

Hai Lee – He often tests earbuds in the price range of $50 – $100, he also conducts research about global headphones makets, trending and technology innovation and application in headphones.

Top websites, Blogs and Forums for Earbuds and headphones Review



CNET-by David Carnoy

PCmag everything electric devices, including earbuds–in ear headphones

www.whathifi.com– Forum member share their experiences about Earbuds

InnerFidelity – Huge community there, They even conduct technical measurements about earbuds.

Head-fi.org A community where users share their experiences about gears

Inearmatters.net An audiophile blog about IEM and all stuff related to sound.

Engadget – Accumulated users reviews


TheVerge – Tech magazines


Digital Trends

Techrunch–Startup and technology

Our ambition is to create something new, interesting and useful sources. Aside from providing you the most trusted, unbiased reviews about earbuds, we also include some trick and tips written for headphones.

Thanks for your support!

We are the member of Affiliate program of Amazon or Google Adword program. We are not responsible for selling of the earbuds. Some of the earbuds I have experienced the sound, then I am able to give you some reviews, and other reviews taken from other sites and rewritten or taken important points, of course, I embeded black links to references giving you best information about earbuds. So you can pick up the best one for your lifestyle and taste of music. Earbuds listed in Our Top Picks are selected based on the owner’s experiences, expert’s reviews and valuable sources.

Is my website profitable?

Yes, some products contains the external-affiliate links pointing where you could buy them, then I will receive a small commission.

If you wear earbuds every day and want to share somethings about them, just send us your article, we are willing to post it on our website. Further more, if you don’t know how to build up an website similar to my site,  feel free to contact us, you will send you all information for your needs about buying a domain name, host and choosing templates.

My plan after TheBestEarbuds.com will be A dictionary where I can create a database for translating a pair of languagues. The online dictionary is built based on the open source code: Glossword. I’ve been looking around for the better, I finally chosen this one.

For more information please contact us! 



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