9 Airpods Case Cover Ideas

Prankly, wearing Airpods are cool and even cooler if when you pull the case out of your pan-pocket it has been already covered with something listed below.

Transparent case cover – Doesn’t change the white theme of Airpods and you can decor it with captain American shield.

Leather case cover – Vintage look and feel for your gadget

Cheeseburger – Case cover – If you often go to McDonald’s

It’s not cheeseburger or Macdonal’s French fries

Perfume Bottle Cover – Who need this? A reminder if you forget to wear perfume.

Silicon Case Cover – Most Airpods users agree it’s fine and they have a lot colors to choose.

Truly inspired cover – stone look the case features hard shell plastic, drop, dirt proof

Carbon Fiber Case Cover – Red, Black, Blue and Brown

Gold Airpods case cover – Elegant as alway!

Heavy duty Airpods Case Cover – The most rugged and durable

What’s your, please let’s me know!

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