5 Most Durable Earbuds – In Ear Headphones That Never Break

Are you tired of buying a new set of earbuds? If you tend to give your earbuds to have a rough life, in which you take them to your excercise and running, expose them to sweat they couldn’t last long. Some people enjoy music from earbuds roughly 6-8 hours a day, such heavy use can make earbuds die sooner. I’ve put together a list of the most rugged and durable earbuds–in ear headphones for every one. For over the ear headphones our favorite cans are durable, comfortable, and reliable Sony MDR7506.

The earbud cable will bounce the most when you are running and walking, and some runners still complain about their earbuds stop working just one day after they take ’em on their outdoor running.  The issue with earbuds normally comes from the jack where the cable gets stretched to much and the thin wires easily tear because you do plug and un-plug the jack a lot. Another possibility comes from the inner components that will vibrate and break while you do a harsh workout and your sweat is leaked into.

Regardless of the solid construction and durable plastic wire, many earbud’s durability relies on user’s lifestyle. Earbuds today are exposed to careless, sweat, snagging and stretching a bit more from owners. A lot of music lovers talked on forums that their earbuds are broken for a number of times every year. 

However, there are still some earbuds that are durable enough to survice longer under such conditions. After searching for a while I’ve rounded 5 most durable earbuds under $50 on the market. Indeed, they offer the decent sound quality and affordable price with a little enhanced bass.

Probably you can fix your earbuds, check out How to fix earbuds. Bear in mind that doesn’t mean you can make them alive for some more months. So choosing the durable ones will save your money and time.

Top 5 Most Durable Earbuds Under $50

For an active lifestyle and cable-free experience, you can pick the bluetooth earbuds for running instead.


Sony earbuds that are built to last

What we like:

  • Strong bass performance
  • Great build quality for the price
  • Strong, druable cable and jack
  • Solid housings

What we hate:

  • Large earpieces
  • Not for working or running because the drive size (12mm) and no earhook or wingtips.

2Sennheiser CX 300 II 
best cheap earbuds of Sennheiser

You’ll need to invest on comply or foam tips for extra-comfort. Sound quality is particularly great for the price and it will definitely do the job even if durability is priority.

What we like: 

  • It is cheap: the Sennheiser CX 300 II, our most durable budget earbuds only cost less than $30
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Some basss kicked in: They’re well suited to music genres such as rock and dance that are mostly played in the gym. Not so heavy and significant, the bass delivers above the average. Though the wires are thick and durable.
  • Good noise isolation: There are three sets of silicon earbud tips–no more option for more comfortable and better noise-isolating

What we hate:

  • Tangled cable: the CX300 comes with the long and Y-joint asymmetrical cable for freedom of movement – every earbuds work like this 
  • No mic or in-line control

3JLab JBuds EPIC

Most durable earbuds for running

Durable earbuds for sports


Feel a little cheap but the sound values over the price

Feature 13mm C3 Massive Drivers, the $32 JLab JBuds EPIC earbuds tunes a better sound than it actually looks. The Epic’s sound quality is well defined with the good clarity and the reasonably enhanced bass. Jlab also offers one year warranty, plus a excellent customer service.

The JBuds EPIC in ear headphones, which have the flat cable free-tangle, fits more securely than CX 300 II since they offer an additional different-sized Cush Fins, along with earbud tips that are ideal for sports–since it doesn’t mention sweat-proof, I am not sure EPIC will be the best for those who sweat a lot during excercise. The one button inline controller to navigate tracks and mic doesn’t make EPIC weighty, you will feel pretty light wearing those. 

4RHA MA350, a heavy-duty in ear headphones

RHA MA350 Aluminium earbudsThe aluminium housings combined with the fabric-wrapped cord give these earbuds the ability to stand abuses better than other competitors.

What we like: 

  • Well crafted and solid contruction
  • Sound is good with bass. the upper range is clear and balanced.

What we hate:

  • Microphonics from cable’s bouncing present at a level when you are walking or running.

5Brainwavz M5

Durable construction with metal housing

Listed as one of the best earbuds under 50, a tough cookie, the aluminum housing–Brainwavz M5 not only sounds good but the thick cord around and below Y-joint are very durable. 

LyreBeats Metal Buds

If the cord and the earpieces won’t break, what would be possibly? 

What we like:

  • Cheap price
  • Clear treble, detailed sound, strong bass
  • Cheap price
  • Reinforced cable and metal housings

What we hate:

  • Bass is a bit bloating

2 other durable earbuds(update soon…)

Tips to prolong earbud’s lifespan:

  • Keep them in the travel pouch or carrying case you have 3 options: hardshell case, tangle-free case and cotton filber case.
  • Using a clip to position the cable to reduce the bouncing. It also helps eliminate the microphonics; try to avoid snagging cable.
  • Don’t stuff them in your pocket. You have to pull the cable out, giving the more chance that the thin wires tear at the jack.
  • Don’t hold your smartphones while running, just strap or keep them elsewhere in your body using armband or waistband (The Friendly Swede Running Belts)

Final thoughts: Other tips if you are still not convinced:

Choosing an affordable and durable earbuds is not tough. You can consider the followings:

  • It is comfortable to wear and provides a secure fit for sports
  • Sound quality is decent
  • The cord is thick or flat and tangle-free
  • Good noise-isolation function

During exercise, you burn calories and sweat a lot. The sweat will leak into the speakers that will cause the deterioration of drivers’ function so that the sound quality becomes worse, it’s time to find the a new pair. There are a lot more earbuds that don’t break easily due to their sweat resistance, durable design and materials.

What is your longest lasting earbuds-in ear headphones, leave a comment below!

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