233621 Sense Neckband Bluetooth Earbuds With Temperature tracking and HRM

Neckband Bluetooth earbuds still have room for adding more features, unlike TWS with limited space making it hard to build more hardware into housing.

Considering sound quality and feature such as ANC, given a choice between TWS and neckband Bluetooth I still prefer neckband if they have better sound quality, sit comfortably on my neck and fitness tracking feature would be a plus.

The latest release – 233621 Sense seems to be a good match, it provides all functions I need – quality call, sport feature and HRM and body temperature tracking.

The 233621 Sense’s sound is fine-tuned by Michael LeFevre, with Qualcomm (QCC3034)’s AptX-HD and Bluetooth 5.1 it supports CVC tech, fitnes functions like HRM.

233621 Sense have 10 hours of battery that’s just average and no fast charging supported.

While TWS may reach its peak for integrating new features, the 233621 Sense’s release is expected create new type of smart Bluetooth earbuds (wearables) that provide more functionalities than TWS.


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