2 Bucks for a set of Airpods Accessories

Quite a lot for Airpods

Airpods, airpods and airpods – that’s earbuds, charging case and C-cable for charging.

If you need all things included with your airpods are protected – imagine what’s it like if it only costs just 2 bucks

Airpods strap – if you hate the cable why you need this, the strap again dangles your airpods

Remember the last time you drop your case – The silicon cover with Key Chain Hanger would protect.

Airpods holder attached to smart watch – Perhaps a creative way to keep your airpods

Eartips for a more secure fit – Runners will love these covers for earpods

This set of Airpods accessories are sourced from Aliexpress which is much cheaper than on Amazon or Spigen website where you can get authentic products.

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