ComfoBuds Pro Vs. AirPods Pro

Not many people wearing wired earbuds today. Commuting in cities with ANC TWS are great – you experience cable free and blocking out the noises. But that experience is costly, top notch ANC TWS like Jabra Elite 85t, AKG N400 cost at least $200.

Longer stem ComfoBuds Pro next to AirPods Pro

Fortunately 1More recently released affordable ComfoBuds Pro that cost less than $100 and they work just great.

I compared the ComfoBuds Pro and AirPods Pro to see if it’s worth the price.

ComfoBuds Pro (45.6grams) have the bean-shape charging case which is longer and weighs a bit heavier than AirPods Pro (40grams). But since they are both small, it’s hard to notice the difference in weight.
AirPods vertically designed case make it easy to pick earbuds out of the case. You can use one hand to open the case and the other to pick the earbuds.
ComfoBuds Pro have a longer stem than AirPods Pro, of course the later have a nicer looking and smaller, though it’s heavier 0.2gram than Comfobuds Pro (5.2grams). Both have silicon eartips which is comfortable and stable in ear.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro feature touch control while AirPods Pro feature nifty press control with fingers. It depends on how you like the control, when you interact with earbuds by touch control it puts less pressure to your ears as you won’t hear the sound made up when pressing earbuds.

ANC performance

AirPods Pro are more contoured into the ear, the stem is a bit curved, meanwhile 1More ConfoBuds’ stem are straight out.

AirPods Pro have two modes: ANC and transparency mode, the ANC performance is consistent and really effective while the transparency mode is clear and brings “real experience” so you can chat with your friend without removing the buds.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro does further job by adding more modes and it’s adjustable to strong / mild / pass-through / wind noise resistant. But its ANC performance is slightly weaker than AirPods’, but I like the wind noise resistant mode when biking along the seaside road near my home, once switched on it’s real sweat, the wind blowing noises are off course.

Sound quality comparison

AirPods Pro did a great job for mid-range that anyone onnce pop them in ear would feel smooth and natural.

I’m not surprised that both seem to have the same sound signature, up, mid and low ranges are fined tune balanced, but the ComfoBuds Pro have more dynamic sound and wider frequency response range, perhaps they have 13.4 dynamic larger drivers. Though ComfoBuds’ bass is a bit dark, and not as punchy and defined as AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro’s sound feels more balanced toward to average consumers.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro last 6 hours with ANC on and 8 hours ANC off AirPods do shorter with 4.5 hours and 5 hours. Both support quick-charging so if you’re not heavy users they both last enough for the day.


1MORE ComfoBuds Pro are a true alternative to AirPods Pro, they are cheaper and have nearly comparable ANC performance to AirPods Pro.


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