1ByOne Wireless Sports Earbuds Review

1Byone makes many cool gadgets at a low price for home uses such as TV accessories, home security and audio accessories. One of which is a wireless in ear headphone for sports. We got a free sample from them, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and here’s our unbiased review after 4 days of use.


1byone Bluetooth earbuds sound good and natural for many kinds of music, with a push in bass which brings about more excitement for your workout


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Secure fit
  • Great noise isolation

  • Treble distortion
  • No track navigation for Android users



Design and Feature

So what’s 1byone does for the active world? The 1byone earphones come in multiple color options (black, white and green) for $42.99. It does offer a bunch of features that fitness enthusiasts are thrilled to like sweat proofing, a comfortable ear tip design and Aptx support. It has a decent battery life up to 7 hours, which is fairly good for this kind of headphone as you might know the most popular wireless earbuds, BlueBuds X featured a 83 mAh battery and have 8 hours music time. (Update: the actual play time is just 4 or 5 hours)

Here are what you get in the box: A travel pouch, eartips, cord shorten-er and silicon wings.

Cheap wireless earbuds from 1byone

The cord shortener works great with flat cable. The inline control includes mutiple function button, volume (also works as track navigation for iOS users) and mic. Considering its size–probably average for a sports earbuds, but earbud housings look long than regular wire earbuds.

Ear tip and wings for secure fit

Mic and mutiple button makes 1byone earphones work as a headset, so you can make or receive calls easily and don’t worry about the quality of voice, it is clear and there is no audible hiss sound.

The mutiple point technology allows you to connect two devices at one. It is really practical when you need to switch from your phone or smart watch.

The 1buyone earphones provide good noise-isolation; the eartips fit comfortably doesn’t the ambient noise to leak in. Overall, I feel 1byone earphones have more snug fit Bluedio Q5

Sound Quality

We compared 1byone Bluetooth earbuds to other inexpensive Bluetooth pairs, including Soundpeat, Bluedio Q5 and MPOW Swift. Supported with aptXHD audio, the 1byone earphones have dynamic sound. The treble of 1byone presents bit distortion and gains a level of sparkles, but what I was surprised is the bass, which I found quite decent but better the most budget wireless earbuds we’ve tested and it would be perfect if it could be deeper. I don’t really impress with sweetness and texture over mid-range.

Note that if the earbuds don’t properly fit, you will lose a considerable amount of bass. First time use on your ears, remember to twist the earbuds a bit to make sure you have a tight seal, as the results, the headphones will earn you a substantial bass for your workout.

Bluetooth Connection

Hold the multiple function button for a few seconds, there is a female voice telling the earbuds turned on, hold it one more second it is ready to pair. I struggled to pair to my device for the first time.

Since nearly 90% percent of your body is water and Bluetooth’s radio frequencies is blocked by water, so it does interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Although these earbuds have enhanced signal transmitting, sometime, I still get occasional hiccup-the sound lagged due to the interference by body movement.


The 1byone is a comfortable set for sports. It sounds clear and catch up with the low tone in the dance music you like to play for your workout. If the bass could be deeper, and the treble is bright with low distortion, these earbuds would not be great for sports but also for music lovers who want to listen their favorite tunes everywhere.

By 1ByOne Wireless Sports Earbuds at 1Byone.com  or at Amazon.com

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Published on 12/14/2015

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