10 good earbuds with decent sound quality

Some very good earbuds are too pricey ( do you want to pay over $200 for earbuds just for running), and you don’t want to use for your active daily life. They may get damaged or broken because of your harsh exercise. You may also want to experience different types of good earbuds. If you are a runner, you may find at some earbuds that do not give the good fitting and comfort to your ears cause these earbuds fall out your ears when you sweat.

Sometimes you just need good earbuds to listen the audiobook. Or occasionally you need earbuds to listen to the new, songs, even make a call to your friends, or to escape from noisy environments on the street. For this purposes, we don’t need a very good earbuds with premium sound. Some brands offers good earbuds designed for casual listening, SONY, PANASONIC, SKULLCANDY, YURBUDS, MEElectronics, JLab JBuds, JVC, KLIPSCH, and more. It’s up to your favorite brands, you always find good earbuds. For the material, the earbud case housing and wire are made from plastic, and the ear tips are made by soft silicon give a good fit to your ears. Some of the earbuds look fashionable and very stylish with playful colors,  they may be prefect with your styles.

We wrap up the 10 good earbuds with the price under $30.

#1. For sports, if you are looking for earbuds that can stay well in your ears while working out you can choose Yurbuds Ironman. The ear tips look cool and are designed to make it stable in your ears while you are jogging, walking or cycling. The adjustable ear tips will help the fitting to your ear canal. This is a pretty good earbuds for sports. It’s rated just ” good earbuds” because the problem with the durability, many users report Yurbuds broken after several months. For money, Yurbuds Ironman is one of the best earbuds.


Yurbuds Ironman (You can choose the color you like the most) This sport earbuds are specially designed for woman. So you you are an active woman, exercising is your daily activity, this is truly for you.


#2. The music, fashion and action sports lifestyles are what you find out with Skullcandy earbuds. The light weight, compact design of Skullcandy Fix earbuds With 3 Button Remote

gives you comfortable, stay in place, live music for your activities. In addition, the bass is just fair enough to make your movements while, say, jogging have Beats and motivations. This is one of the best skullcandy earbuds.


#3 Sony MDR-EX100IP/B Earbuds for iPod/iPhone/iPad and Sony MDR-EX100AP/L Earbuds for Android. The good earbuds from Sony will make you impressive with the sound quality in this price range. If you have experienced other earbuds, you definitely see how good this earbuds sound in comparison. Sony MDR-EX100 doesn’t deliver powerful bass, but you will get boom and punchy bass. It brings about the satisfactory performance above the price tag.

#4. Xiaomi 2nd Piston earbuds are characterized for warm and smooth sound, they put a little effort to enhance bass, just a middle of the range to highest bass level. They are customed to android users with 3 buttons. Xiaomi is absolutely perfect for this price range.

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You’ve just viewed our 10 good earbuds with decent sound quality.

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