10 Best Sounding Earbuds of 2018

Earbuds’ sound is rated to be the best if they can reproduce exactly the same sound from the tracks that the audio recorder intended so we say their sound is accurate. But this is just an aspect of great sounding earbuds. Other such as soundstage, mid-range, bass, treble and purity of sound are crutial to define the sound quality of earbuds. People’s ears and their feelings about how earbuds sound are different and if a pair of earbuds does sound great for my ears they may not be the same for your ears.

But here are some pairs that most people have to agree that they offer excellent sound qualilty.

10 Best Sounding High-End Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones/Earphones)

The $500 Shure SE535 Earbuds–Premium Sound and Design.

 shure535 Rated4.5The Shure SE535 offers warm sounding supported by the 3-way balanced armature drivers. The bass response is excellent together with the purity of treble that I found very clear. Secure fit, comfort, and durability are at the top level that these earbuds can afford.

SONY’s XBA-4 (Read reviews by CNET)

Futured by four BA drivers to process the wider range of sounds, Sony XBA-4 were rated for great sound with high-fidelity and very good noise-isolation.

$320 JVC HA-FX850 Wooden-Housing Earbuds, the quality of JVC In – Ear monitoring

 JVC Rated 5Not just the appealing wooden design, the outstanding sound quality with dynamic drivers makes it one of the best earbuds for the perfect combination of great sound quality and refined design.

Sennheiser IE80


The Sennheiser IE80 was rated for solid construction and a wide range of accessories. It sounds great with every notes you could hear in music. The mid-ranges and treble are precise. How about the bass? Unlike the RHA T10i (you have to replace filters to adjust the bass) to change how the bass reproduces from IE80, you just turn the screw until the bass reaches to the level you like.



Etymotic ER4PT ($299), The Best Earbuds for Noise-Isolating.

Etymotic Research ER-4PT best earbuds for noise isolationKnown for hearing aid, Etymotic Research Labs utilized balanced armature drivers in their products, so did Etymotic ER4PT . The design and style of ER4PT is not very appealing but the sound quality overall is surprisingly good. The treble perfection compensates the slightly weak bass, which particularly makes Etymotic ER4PT substantial. As you can see the tri-fangle of earbud tips, they are inserted deeply into the ear cannals for the highest noise isolating performance. However, sure it requires time for your ears to adapt to the comfort.


RHA T10i High Fidelity

Best earbuds under $200 for sound quality, available in since 2014

RHA T10i-stainless steel earbuds ($199) offers great sound for less money. Very solid and durable construction, though it’s quite weighty. The inline remote does not work with Android or Windowphones devices, but it works perfectly with Apple products. They include the changeable tuning filters, which will typically tune the frequency response associated with, meaning you can pick the sound you want to hear from each filter customized for bass and treble.

For under $100 check out this link

Sound Quality

Some people don’t put much much emphasis on the price (indeed they set a litmit to spend :)), design and how well it fits to their ears. All they care about is sound quality, including detail and high resolution. But the sound quality is varied on each audiophile about sound stage and signature, and relies on noise-isolating feature of the earbud tips to seal the sound in–as you know the sound will deteriorate if earbud tips don’t fit properly. Finally, it’s possible that most people choose earbuds that make the music they like sound good to them.

So if you want to judge an earbuds properly, it couldn’t merely rely on reviewers but your experiences with music, the tones you like and even your favorite music genres. For examples, dance or Pop music is suitable with enhanced bass earbuds. Other music genres may not be required a large amount of bass to keep its original tones. Recently, the co-founder of Beat has introduced the ROAM Ropes earbuds that can be customized sound by an app, it probably will pop up on the market very soon. Now, there is no perfect earbuds for everyone but rather be about the personal preference of sound. 

But there are some earbuds with high quality and advanced drivers, which are generally satisfactory for most people, including most critical listeners. There are some standards but I have to admit in the superior levels, and it’s all about the design, material and hardware structural design behind the scenes. For example JVC makes one of incredible earbuds, JVC HA-FX850 earbuds with the housing mainly made of premium wood and sophisticated driver structure either balanced armature driver or dynamic driver .

Other aspect that these earbuds can be worn with super, comfortable fitting that allow them to rest in your ears for very long time without background noise and uncomfortable feelings. These earbuds deliver exceptionally sound quality since they have built-in high technology and have been engineered by experienced audiologists (though manufacturers never mentioned who designed their headphones). Since each high-end earbuds has their own hardware structure, the sound reproduction is specially tuned in such way that is not identical to others, though it is not dramatically different. 

Do you feel weighty with earbuds too much? it’s all about the balance, the harmony in design between the shape and weight can effect how you feel while wearing them.

The most valued feature that high-end earbuds have is the strong drivers to process the sound. Sony uses 16mm Driver Units, and Shure uses Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers. Now there are more expensive earbuds introduced every year because the drivers will become smaller, and more drivers are built-in to process the wide range of sound as manufacturers promises “earbuds for every music genres” and “let users hear what the music producers want them to hear”. The earbuds are becoming lighter and more comfortable along with giving a custom fit to your ears, but it should stay in acceptable price tags. Hopefully when you pay a large sum of money, in turn you are deserve excellent sound.

They all have the noise-isolating feature by the function of eartips. The reason is the manufacturers don’t want to risk their products by adding the active noise-cancelling feature that may give the same noise-ambient block ability as noise-isolating earbuds in some contexts. The noise-cancelling is not really necessary to be integrated in these high-end earbuds since more or less they cause “white noise”.

If you are looking for best sounding earbuds as, searching for reviews, you will know these earbuds are well crafted and enigneered to make their sounds cover most musical tones studio recorded and compacted to .mp3 in the business. Additionally, the stylish design of these earbuds are varied. For example, classical JVC HA-FX850, the modern Shure SE535. Sony’s earbud definitely is a combination of classical and modern look.

As an audiophile/headphones addict, you probably spend a huge amount of time to do research each time you look for a new pair of earbuds, and at least you’ve experienced a ton of earbuds. Certainly, spending more money you will get the sound quality sonically improved, I would say it’s a tremendous sound quality. What could be the best sounding earbuds–all about sound quality with the highest rated by users, experts and unbiased reviews? Going through some audio review sites like Cnet, Innerfidelity, Head-fi, digging and experiencing myself a few high end earbuds, which I found better than overall earbuds on the market. But I wonder is there a perfect set for every one? The answer would be … Let’s check it out some of the best earbuds that sound incredibly great.

Above is the recommended list of Best sounding earbuds for less than $500, and these models are sometimes called IEM if they are used as a part of IEM systemThe most expensive Shure earbuds,  Shure 846 with $1000 or Sennheiser IE 80 over $700 is not included in this list because of their expensive price tags, there is earbuds even more expensive, at over $2000. These earbuds are decorated with gold and diamond or custom built to your ears as well as your music tastes.

For under $100 you can find earbuds that are categorized for casual listening, working out, bass head, running and more…

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