Best Cheap Bluetooth Headset of 2018

Budget Bluetooth Headsets of 2018: Which one is right for you?

Making calls with a wire earbuds is not that convenient, since the cable can create noise as it bounces from your movements and you may have to solve the mess from tangled cable. If you frequently have a lot of calls every day, no cable and hand-free calling are what you might have thought of and will get those benefits from a Bluetooth headset which can wirelessly pair with your device via Bluetooth technology.

Finding a decent Bluetooth headset is not tough, but I am quite sure finding the best sets for those of you who on the tight budget will be time-consuming. Based on our research we’ve rounded up best budget Bluetooth headsets, considering talk time, comfort and call quality as well as design.

Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Headsets

Plantronics M55, A Solid Bluetooth Headset

 affordable bluetooth Headset M55 Plantronics M55 is lightweight and compact. It has a stylish design, and offers good call quality for use in-door. Basic voice prompts, vocal commands and multipoint tech that allows it to connects 2 Bluetooth devices at once are also supported. The downside is that it only has one-size earpiece, but a looped stablizer compensates that for more secure fit.See best buget bluetooth headset

Samsung HM3300

 Inexpensive Samsung bluetooth headset Ultilized NFC,  Samsung HM3300–A well-designed Bluetooth headset makes it easy to pair with any device. The earbud tips come with 3 different sizes, but the ear hook is not flexible and doesn’t confour well to the ear.Call quality is consistant and clear even used while driving in the windy environment. It is a nice attempt to stream music from this low-priced headset.See best buget bluetooth headset

Sony Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20

  If you are looking for a versatile Bluetooth headset for both music and call quality, the SBH20 is a great headset for the money. If your phones supports NFC (Near Field Communication), it’s really a simple step–tap to connect with this headset. The noise cancelling feature doesn’t work well so voices suffer from wind and background noise and it takes a bit of effort to press the buttons.See best buget bluetooth headset

Mpow® FreeGo

 Mpow® FreeGo Budget wireless headset  Unlike any other Bluetooth headset recommended in this post, the Mpow® FreeGo lets you wear around the ear–impressive design. It offers the crisp  voice call and comfortable fit from silicon eartips that provide a pretty good noise isolation.See best inexpensive bluetooth headset


  Focuspower F10 is a lightweight, small headset. It has an impressive battery life, which is up to 6 hours. The charging is simple and straight by magnetic inductive charging system.

The Bluetooth headset sounds good for both music and calls.

The only thing you may dislike about this products may be the fact that they look indentical to other products from other brands. I suppose they are outsourced from the same factory in China. But given how they manage to best the sound and battery of other competitors, the F10 would be a nice choice.

.See best inexpensive bluetooth headset

Why Do You Need A Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth earpiece can be paired wirelessly to any device supported Bluetooth technology, from your cell phones to your laptop. They’re commonly used for calling, such that business men and women, drivers, staffs working at customer support centers would need them or by anyone who simply likes to cut the wire.

Don’t let your hands tie up, talk and do something else without holding your phone. If you frequently contact with your friends or family members via phone calls, but you’re also busy with cooking or cleaning stuffs in your room, Bluetooth headset is the way to go, you can do whatever you want while talking with them.

Using a headset gives you better voice call experience in term of clarity and noise reduction. Some stereo Bluetooth headsets also focus on the experience of listening music. These budget headsets are particularly engineered for one or both purposes.

Those affordable Bluetooth headsets don’t support some smart features like complicated voice command promt, companion apps to control some features and more.

Types of Bluetooth Headsets

Today, you see a lot of Bluetooth Headsets added up with a bunch of sophisticated features, however running through some specific features you’ll find they are categorized the following:

A Single Earpiece Headset or Mono Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth earpiece is worn on the one side and features a microphone positioned to make users easily to talk on the go. It’s very convenient wherever you make the phone call and it can let you hear the world around.

  • Mini Bluetooth headsets – single earpiece that will be worn discreetly into your ears
  • Headsets with boom mic – You can adjust the mic to the right position to capture your voice clearly

A Stereo Bluetooth Headset, like Bluetooth earbuds can be used for both talking calls and listening to your favorite tracks from online streaming music like Spotify, podcasts or video game console. A pair of ear pieces provide the stereo sound for better music listening experience.

More About Bluetooth Headset

According to CNET Bluetooth headsets Guide, Bluetooth headsets come in plenty of shapes, size, features and prices. Your pick of a Bluetooth headset depends on what is it for?

The best Bluetooth headsets on the market is Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235-M, which is used for Professional Business and aimed to computer and phone users, and so is Bose Series 2, another great mono headset, but it is more suitable for phones.

If you often listen to music and also need a quality call, stereo headsets are even designed for music,  the stereo headsets LG HBS-900–LG TONE INFINIM–around-neck design, with retractable earbuds would be the best choice.

What else a Bluetooth Headset can do? it can stream music, podcasts, or other audio contents from your phones. Smart headsets support sophisticated features, including HRM, noise cancelling tech, voice command prompts and recognation.

It is illegal to drive with headphones in some states, other states have local laws that require drivers to wear headset if they communicate on phones while driving.

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