Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones [Bluedio Turbine T2]

Are you looking for cheap Bluetooth headphones that sound good the price and many kinds of music, movies and games? Now certainly it is not hard to find Bluetooth headphones that sound decent for under $50-I mean for casual or entry-level listeners. A lot of inexpensive sets out there for you to choose from but from your expectations for sound quality, feature, design and price, we would recommend Bluedio Turbine T2- an over ear headphone.

Inexpensive Bluetooth Full Size Headphones


The Turbine T2 at just $29.99 at Amazon and $26.67 at Are are they worth buying? Here’s our review:

Fit, design and controls


Though it looks pretty sturdy on head–big earcups and headband made up this part, at first I feel it’s a lightweight, relatively comfortable headphone. Sometimes, I forget wearing them. It is easy to fit and stay evenly on your head, you can adjust the fitting by rotating the earcups. However, when not in use, let it hang around your neck, you will find it is a nuisance that each time you turn your head, your chin encounters the big earcups. [Update 10/15/2015, The Bluedio T2 does put a bit pressure on my ears after wearing it for 30 minutes, so I have to remove it for a while]

The volume buttons positions right on the R-earcup. Just touch and press (-/+), but you have to press it firmly. The power button is conveniently beneath the volume controls, press and hold it for a few second, a LED indicator will turn blue to indicate it is available for pairing. Scan this headset from Bluetooth setting on your device, Bluedio is about to connect.

The padding on earcups are really soft and provides a good noise isolation. I don’t know how long the paddings will last (it is not replaceable). When Bluedio T2 plays at moderate volume level, it’s hard for me hear people chatting around.

Plastic band of Bluedio T2 Bluetooth Headphones

The band seems to be metal, but it’s plastic

To keep its lightweight, the Bluedio has the entire plastic build, even the band, the joint used to adjust to fit, is not metal–becareful when handle those, it may break. You might have been known Beats adding a bit metal to their headphones to make them less flimsy, and actually I don’t feel T2 flimsy at all. Probably they all figured out the perfect ratio between weight and size of the headphones

The Bluedio also features a mic and volume controls, enabling you to pick up calls and make calls. When someone calls you, there is a women voice that says “In-coming call,” you can pick the call by pressing the power button. The voice call quality are quite good.

When I walk away from my phone, about 7 or 8 m, the sound starts to to have hiccup. So I guess the real working range is around 7 m to ensure the sound is just fine and the headset is in a stable connection. In addition, it has a nice feature that when you disconnect your device from this headset, it will automatically shut off.

The Bluedio package includes the USB charging cable and a cable for audio output if it run out of battery. No carrying case is included.

Sound quality

After un-boxing, I let it play continuously for many kinds of music. I have been using it for 3 days. Undoubtedly, it sound good for R&B or dance.

Of all sub-$50 Bluetooth headphones we’ve listened to, including Photive BTH3 Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluedio T2 sounds decent, with relatively warm, pleasant sound for Bluetooth. The sound is spacious too. There’s a 57mm HFP Driver in each ear cup, and the Turbine T2’s Impedance is listed 16Ω. These specifications do tell you something about the bass that was quite powerful and dynamic, but in fact when playing Radio Active, I found the low bass a bit distorted, I could say “flabby”, but doesn’t mean loose or out of control. I switched to Game of Thrones soundtracks, they sound great, thinking of watching the next season using this headset. The treble is crisp and clear-not astonishingly bright. Mid range represents warm sounding.


While it is not that much to talk about its weaknesses,  the Bluedio T2 is a great budget Bluetooth headphone for what you can enjoy from your tablet or phone without cable–for watching movies, listening music and playing games.

Shop Now: $29.99 at Amazon and $26.67 at

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